Why do you want to customize children portrait oil painting

01/05/2013 16:24

Why do you want to customize children portrait oil painting

Oil painting market heats up, investment both paintings and oil paintings are more and more people know about oil painting has been further and know, painting as a kind of western culture introduced into China only one hundred years, and the development is faster than China's calligraphy and painting development.

More and more people buy paintings decorated home, more and more people collect oil painting reproductions, because the status of oil painting appreciation potential. Oil painting as a kind of art, rapid rise to become the object of attention. We from fujian xianyou will spend 1 billion city international oil painting, you can see, people to the demand of oil painting.

Custom oil painting became some have tastes have personality pursuit extraordinary people one more choice, such as seeing your photo feel is very good, you can give us, will give you into our painter painting, or a portrait.

Scenery oil painting custom, portrait oil painting custom, these have become what we need and send photos of himself or his family to us, our painter carefully drawn, present a perfect oil painting for you.

Painting compared photos, more vitality, painting pays attention to emotional expression, the light and color changes, the more can spirit of the characters, but also can save one hundred discoloration is not bad. And photos just a simple image online, while oil painting is a reflection of the life and nuances, so this is a completely different concept. For some people with the pursuit of high taste, pictures can't meet the need.

Hang a picture of a family or your portrait in my own house, it must be very good.

As parents, to their baby's overprotectiveness since childhood, hope to be able to let the baby healthy growth, efforts for the baby to keep memories as a child, such as baby do what "foetal hair pen" and "footprints" or something like that. These are all in order to leave some for the baby can recall something, as a souvenir.

Portrait painting of the baby, be worth collect carefully, is more and more value and significance. Baby Bai Tianzhao or or other photos of one one full year of life, the painter draw oil painting, this is for your baby for one of the most precious gift and souvenir, it makes more sense.

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