"Watch passion - ZhanJianJun 60-80 - s sketch oil painting" the grand opening of exhibition at the national centre for the performing arts

17/05/2013 17:58


"Watch passion - ZhanJianJun 60-80 - s sketch oil painting" the grand opening of exhibition at the national centre for the performing arts

This exhibition is the national centre for the performing arts masters "footprint" series of art of the third back to the show. The series will be releasing Chinese famous artists exhibition, to entertain the viewer. National centre for the performing arts is the highest national performing arts hall, launched series of visual portrait painting art, is to let the audience more fully understand the outline of the development of modern culture, direct experience of various internal relation between sisters art. Centre for the performing arts of the move is a well-meaning, has the very good cultural transmission demonstration significance.

The exhibition of more than 90 picture Mr ZhanJianJun later in the century painting sketch works. Like aisha wood, tajik old mountaineer, "erhai lake" and so on representative works of each period. And over half of them for decades was unearthed in the artist's painting garage, this is the first time to meet with oil painting reproductions audiences. It let us understand the real scene of freedom in the 1960 s Chinese oil painting painting style. We will feel in Mr Zhan painting painting beauty and the artistic creation of hard and not easy, and to appreciate The Times and the historical spirit of our influence and reflection to the development of contemporary art.

For this painting oil painting exhibition of 60-80 - s, ZhanJianJun told at the scene of the exhibition art network "that will go places, as long as there is time to draw, to observe, to study, in life will have a lot of unexpected discoveries, but also cultivate their observations and insights on life, the creation again there will be a substantial basis, but also wider imagination! Life is the source of artistic creation is a very classic, only in their small circle of life, in his own imagination, there is a big limitation, should try to rush out, I'm older now, go out less, but the passion and creative desire is less than that!"

The academy students xu, when it comes to the following ZhanJianJun teachers go out sketching experience memory "that followed the oil painting reproductions teacher go out sketching, less our own picture, why? - because the light to see his (ZhanJianJun) drew, see him at the scene, quickly to the life of what you see is what you feel, are derived, expression comes out, we like to watch him to paint."

JinZhiLin as ZhanJianJun old friend, when see this batch of works, said "the characteristics of his works is very passion, whether it is his characters, scenery or a plot of the record, he is full of passion, great momentums, this point from his student, sketch, color, when the sketch is very general, his work don't stop china oil painting get bogged down on details, but refined choices, make the picture very atmosphere, these aspects very impressive for me!"

Mr ZhanJianJun famous artists, was born in January 1931, GaiXian in liaoning province. In 1953, the central academy of fine arts painting department of undergraduate course graduation, graduated from central academy of fine arts department of colors on the graduate in 1955, 1957, Russian experts maxi masimov graduated from cheap oil painting training class, taught in the central academy of fine arts in the same year, the institute professor, doctoral tutor, the academic committee, consultant, advisor of Chinese artists association, guest the humanities art academy in Europe. Former 8 and 9 of the Chinese people's political consultative conference national committee, the Chinese artists association, director of the oil painting art committee vice chairman of the 5th. Since China oil painting institute was founded in 1995, served as chairman of the China oil painting society ever since.