UN Li Chengju exhibition "the friendship" the oil painting creation

14/05/2013 16:31


UN Li Chengju exhibition "the friendship" the oil painting creation

Warm congratulations on the painter Li Chengju joint au ho-nien a complete success! Congratulations on yunnan ethnic art festival at the United Nations to shine!

Zhongtai international cultural development by the Chinese oil painting reproductions and calligraphy and beauty center hosted the "2011 national arts festival in yunnan on August 26 in lawn chamber the grand opening of the United Nations headquarters, the colorful yunnan ethnic culture and art to the audience with admiration, the total amounted to more than 300 guests attending the meeting.

The national arts festival in yunnan is a collection of yunnan art, costumes, acting in a body; Integrating scenery photo exhibition, exhibition of national costumes, handicrafts exhibition, Chinese wholesale oil painting, Chinese calligraphy, landscape painting, yunnan folk song and dance and tea ceremony performance for a feast of folk culture and art.

United Nations artists association, chairman of Li Chengju by organizers - the United Nations China book, American zhongtai international organizing committee invited attended the festival culture portrait painting development center, his landscape painting "big human century" and "friendship" two works selected exhibition.

This "big human century of war and peace" is the first exhibition at the United Nations, but in October 24, 2010, the United Nations was founded 65 anniversary celebration activities, u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is cheerfully to enjoy the work, and the work of calling for world peace and harmonious concepts of love and good mind gave high evaluation and affirmation, also caused the height of the mainstream media attention around the world.

United Nations artists association, chairman of Li Chengju another landscape painting works of "the friendship" is selected. Painter Li Chengju with pioneering layout methods oil painting and techniques for painting the new concept, new and unique and profound connotation. Picture shows President hu and President Obama at the White House before smile waved to the people of the great historical moment, vivid characters, depicting real. Work aims to express the idea that people are longing for peace, to build prosperous time beauty feelings.

To come to attend this festival friendly nur, chairman of the portrait painting council of the United Nations. Brown told Li Chengju landscape oil painting, he regrets ground say: "the landscape painting is a new type, had never seen before, with innovation, very open, very vivid characters, there are times, literature value, history meaning, expressed the people's common interests between the two countries, the development has a positive impact on the world and promote role." And happily with the painter Li Chengju and American zhongtai international culture development center chairman took oil painting reproductions a group photo in front of the painting.

Li Chengju (painter Li Chengju profile), a famous contemporary painter, was born in liaoning province of China, is a founder of the landscape painting, was studied in central academy of fine arts, lapping sketch, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and sculpture, allied to learn, to work several times won the prize. Masterpiece, one of the great century mankind is Li Chengju in San Francisco, has good Friday as the main line, in four categories including 12 scenarios, by spanning 2000 years of history time and space for human creation elements and background, thought profound and thought-provoking, is designed to reflect all mankind calls for harmony and peace, to build prosperous time beauty of thoughts and mind, real strong characters, inner world vividly. Xu beihong studio of the central academy of fine arts teacher Dai Ze said, from the professional view, Li Chengju with new ideas and techniques to innovation is not very easy. Said the Chinese art museum curator Luo Huaitao, Li Chengju painting represents peace and harmonious ideas, very creative. Famous art critic LiuDaJi said Li Chengju works by Michelangelo university genesis, da. Vinci's "last supper", is not limited, as used in the model.