Thousands of years history in China of the exquisite oil paintings become hot collection

03/05/2013 13:57

Thousands of years history in China of the exquisite oil paintings become hot collection

Xinhuanet tianjin February 24 (xinhua Sun Honglei Li Junyi) in the New Year paintings, fireworks, and window was ordinary grandniece, Spring Festival is necessary thing in the world. Now, conservative yumen woodblock New Year pictures because of its high collection collection and ornamental value as the list of "pride".

New Year picture in China has one thousand years history of oil painting. As early as the han people have New Year's day on door in manure basket of acquisition of taxes and fees, as a sign of evil. During the Ming and qing dynasty, entered the stage of full pictures resulted in tianjin from green, gusu dock etc famous pictures genres.

But, following the end of the 19th century the popularity of modern printing technology, and a fool at the war of China, New Year paintings oil painting color with pale gradually in the Chinese life.

China's conservative woodblock New Year pictures but by popular in foreign countries. Wu Jiangxian pictures aquarium pavilion, north China's hebei province, after more than 20 New Year picture of finished product, these pictures of the real museum in London, the British now this cowboy hall, the United States a small portion of the slope, in the Chinese community has become a painting out of print.

"Many scholars abroad and the meaning of bell opinion about Chinese New Year is very high," Mr In hebei province deputy director of the new assistant pavilion Guo Shurong said, "every years Mr Pioneer New Year pictures museum of life cycle and the scholars abroad have thousands of people, relatively speaking, until in recent years, Chinese oil painting to dry gradually created a woodcut New Year pictures collection price value."

Radical woodcut New Year paintings wood carve, hand-painted art in one, a theme is rich, thick, tonal impressively, reflects the arrow culture from different regions of China, about the Spring Festival, people have respect for, the smell is very sticky.

Preservation are said, because of New Year pictures are posted on the wall art, updated every year, cover painting especially difficult, only a masterpiece of actually not much, so sought after by people.

In the famous Chinese woodblock New Year pictures from New Year's hometown -- -- tianjin yangliuqiu town is a tourist handicraft, here attached a lot of painting from New Year folk masters, so hair sell pictures salesroom also insisted China square of "front shop, back factory painting" hand operating form of task fang, artists in the salesroom, thereafter the disambiguation of dispute to the size of the spoons, New Year paintings hanging hair to sell.

"Follow China's social development and people whose change of pleasing to the eye to read, from New Year paintings by widely into the collection, the life becomes slowly, in the past to the present the palace tribute pictures more oil painting is to become the eyes of the people better." Tourist handicraft "pictures" workshop manager Zhang Kejiang said.

A workshop "in 2006, I sold nearly six images of paintings, including the great pictures of one small by Singapore, Japan and other countries and regions customers bought cheaper. In addition, tianjin American enterprises group buying the oil painting better compose New Year paintings with foreign into respect the proportion of meals give each other too." Zhang Kejiang said.

In recent years, China love pictures, collect many pictures up, pictures as works of art reflects the folk song culture, its preservation and investment value rising.

2000 at auction in Beijing a lot of oil painting "new plot" pictures released zone woodblock watermark scattered, 16 reserve price of 3000 yuan, is photographed as 8800 yuan. Masterpiece in China in 2004, guangzhou New Year paintings auction, valuable valuation of woodcut New Year pictures auction number in the tens of thousands of yuan, a picture of a New Year oil paintings of the Ming dynasty "longevity" figure "finally sold $70000 oil paintings at a low price.

"Perfect number" is the change after opening, tianjin the first resume from green lane woodblock New Year pictures make hand task. Manager Yu Junhua said that, in the past a average size from the size of New Year paintings sell 50 or 60 yuan, now to sell about 150 yuan of above oil painting reproductions price, compose new higher prices, those beautiful portrait painting work, size larger woodblock New Year pictures, especially by people chase after hold in both hands.

According to a new vendor profile, the wholesale oil painting collection pictures should decide some famous posters workshop printed posters, such as immortals township, henan, hebei masterpiece of Mr, sichuan mianzhu New Year pictures, mostly deeply, only a few years, there is high oil investment and preservation value.