“Thirty years of instant and eternity - ChaoGe art opened China oil painting institute-19

19/05/2013 11:22


“Thirty years of instant and eternity - ChaoGe art opened China oil painting institute

“Thirty years of instant and eternity - ChaoGe oil painting art ChaoGe painting art has been on March 19, 2011 at 2 PM in the grand opening of China oil painting institute art gallery, attended the opening ceremony of the leaders and portrait paintingguests, including China federation party secretary Hu Zhenming, JinShangYi, ZhanJianJun, Shao Dazhen, He Guying, Yang Feiyun, party secretary of the central academy of fine arts Winston, performing artists, jiang kun and many other leaders and guests from the social from all walks of life. The exhibition on display ChaoGe nearly 30 years of painting and a large oil painting reproductions number of literature data, shows a complete three-dimensional ChaoGe artistic attainments and academic level.

ChaoGe, Mongolian nationality, was born 1957, 1976 in Mongolia grasslands, graduated from central academy of fine arts in 1982, returned to custom oil painting grassland and creating job after graduation, who teaches at the central academy of fine arts since 1988. ChaoGe in 2000, began his trip to the “, “traveled around Europe I rectified, look at all the Greek, Roman and European classical art, and regrets in the grandeur of history, the trips made great influence on his art creation. In 2006, the “classic rebirth - ChaoGe” art exhibition in Italy d DuoLiYa museum, stir the holy Rome Renaissance. Local critics parity ChaoGe works both the eternal quality of classical art, and with the spiritual reflection of modern society.

According to organizers, the exhibition as China oil painting oil painting masters case series exhibition the first major solo exhibition, 82 ChaoGe sketch painting exhibition, we had the opportunity to enjoy the work that makes people passionate, such as “the jewel”, “light”, “stars”, “dressed up” and so on. ChaoGe three stages ofoil painting work in accordance with the s: plain, in the 80 s by ChaoGe himself as a “standing on the land of the period”; Impulse in the 90 s and catharsis, characters in the picture the wily expression and to moments of life, portrait was the spirit of The Times; But 2000 years later, ChaoGe oil painting reproductions work focuses on the pursuit of the picture bring eternal sense, from the extension of characters, scenery foil, tried to a world of the eternal. People from ChaoGe portrait painting works, you can see love, integrity, see the inner world and the future.

, according to China oil painting academy dean Yang Feiyun ChaoGe by 30 years creation course, in today’s consumer society insists on high spiritual values, and emphasized the importance of painting, traditional and modernity, launched wholesale oil painting in-depth discussion of the spirit. His art of course of condense the hard spirit of The Times at the same time, the sublimation of our emotions. These magnificent mental picture, it is he left deep imprint of The Times.

ChaoGe at the opening ceremony said, “I haven’t realized that I have faced has experienced 30 years of creation. I thought he was a young man, quick to let a person plaint time. In China, the social background, the artist should adhere to the how to position to create and practice, my path has been faced with the difficult cheap oil painting choice. I am after a very hard and lonely to discuss about the spirit of The Times, I display is to show you the process are discussed.”

As said ChaoGe himself, for 30 years, he brought to the life of thinking, to the human spirit and the value of life, in the art practice and creation, adhere to the traditional painting fusion of nature and the spirit of the time. ChaoGe for painting of “modernity” has unique insights on how to keep the traditional art of profound spiritual dimensions at the same time, the issues of the humanity in contemporary society, spirit china oil painting and faith, instantaneous and eternity; How will western art tradition and social reality of China; How to better the creation will be national, regional, cultural characteristics and human universality phase equilibrium and so on are all ChaoGe has been thinking about. He had been standing in the highlands to the spirit, to an intellectual sense of responsibility, concern in this age unceasingly in the loss of artistic quality, adhere to the drawing nature of the self, and of humanistic care, and explore the easel painting new possibilities. Famous scholar Lv Pin, Mr Tian says ChaoGe concerns, depth, weight, today’s exhibition is artist ChaoGe years of a questionnaire, to think that everyone is valuable to us.