The world oil painting market of Chinese village,they are art of the ocean

06/08/2013 21:31


The world oil painting market of Chinese village,they are art of the ocean
Paintings of the price can't be a painter paints, paper and simple addition of time value of labor, this is a simple axioms. But a village oil painting in shenzhen, but it happened that at that price to "production" oil painting marketing world. On January 27, the original guangzhou academy dean, a famous painter of Guo Shaogang "professor Guo Shaogang new oil painting exhibition" in dafen exhibition center. The first portrait painting BuJiZhen in shenzhen dafen village exhibition, well-known painter, professor guo said: "let me come to a head." The dafen art industry association, vice President of Mr Huang Guangcai tells a reporter, invited professor guo to open exhibition, in order to make dafen oil painting reproductions artist saw a high standard of work, learn from masters, raise the level of art. In recent years, dafen art and media attention, as well as controversial. On the wholesale oil painting one hand, the year sale oil painting 1 million, sales of hundreds of millions of yuan, occupy 60%, and a series of world oil painting market let startling figures make it worthy of the title "no Chinese oil painting"; A lot of people, on the other hand, dafen "like custom oil painting McDonald's production of oil painting" approach to a western diplomat, think this is for the arts. Dafen painting into a product, an area of only four square kilometers,handmade oil painting only 300 people, local residents have annual per capita income of less than 200 yuan village, how to become a gallery that has more than 300, more than 5000 paintings from personnel of course of painting production sales center? All this should speak of from a coincidence. In 1989, Hong Kong art dealer hwang river with more than 20 students come to dafen, renting houses do processing, purchase and export of oil painting. In the words of Mr Huang himself, chose to dafen is took a fancy to the rent is low and close to Hong Kong's geographical advantage. Hwang river from Hong Kong and overseas orders, in dafen production and processing, because of the cost advantage, quickly in the overseas market. Along with the expansion of business, hwang river to enroll more students and painters to help him to complete the order. In order to improve the efficiency, the way they adopt assembly line, the production process of painting can be divided into several steps to complete. Later, some students and Mr. Huang, opened a new gallery and oil painting studio. Spread quickly in dafen oil painting industry, is a scale. As the dafen awareness rising, some original artists also began to dafen, relying on the market of dafen show their work. Last November, the first international cultural industry fair in shenzhen set up at the venue, in dafen overnight to the fame of "the Chinese oil painting" the plant widely spread. Occupy the market with line drawing mention dafen, people will think of line drawing. But has long been a line drawing is a fuzzy concept, some people think that facsimile copy paintings is line drawing, some people think that a lot of production, low-grade low-priced line work is painting. Set for this, the leading enterprise, shenzhen dafen art source of oil painting company chairman Wu Ruizhou explanation is that the line drawing is a market-oriented. Dafen painting not only copy now, he says, there is a large part of the original works, but as a businessman, my eyes always aimed at the market. Dafen, more than 80% of the market in Europe and the United States, westerners like color, we are in colour. I give painter prices don't look at the famous, but according to the cost of the painting, the production process, how much value in the market, can be sold in a short time, this is the line drawing. Line drawings are not cheap, but also has a lot of high quality work, but the price is lower, is its main characteristic. Then, line drawing is not art? Mr Wu told a story: a foreign art dealer for the price of 2200 yuan a bought eight from dafen painting, then by a Chinese entrepreneur from Paris to each the price of 16000 yuan to buy back. The entrepreneur anyway don't believe these pictures from dafen, which he says is in art galleries in Paris as a work of art to sell. Mr Wu says, there are many similar story, the concept of art itself is hazy, might as well see art view some peace, there's nothing wrong with art to transform the wealth. To critics, it is very difficult to accept, according to dafen art industry association secretary-general LiuQing gathered more than 5000 in dafen painting practitioners from all over the country more than 20 provinces, more than for painters and apprentice, there are about 20% graduated from formal art colleges and universities. They in dafen painting or a copy, or provide the landscape and portrait photographs of processed into painting, or drawing lines with high quality according to the order. Although they take a brush, they seem to be out with the name of the artist. And make full target market of dafen painting patterns, obviously is not accepted by many artists. Dafen painter, member of Chinese artists association Ma Yingliang tells a reporter, dafen real original painter does not exceed 30. In recent years, an art dealer said, although to dafen artist, but also has a lot of can't accept this way to leave. Shenzhen will wenbo, dafen as a venue to hold an auction of calligraphy and painting, will invite some members of the shenzhen oil painting association, but many of the artists in dafen is very bad feeling, so rejected the request. Obviously, many painters don't want their name linked with dafen, more do not want to give their work compared with the assembly line production line drawing. In addition, many people of dafen oil painting on the international market reputation is deeply concerned about what to bring to Chinese oil painting. One commentator said: "China's electrical appliances, clothing is often synonymous with cheap products in the international market, Chinese oil painting also want to step this way? Electrical appliances, clothes, mainly is the practical value, but art? If it is cheap, it can also left? If the Chinese oil painting the sense that gives a person is cheap, is likely to affect the painter's reputation in the world is serious, the price, the impact on the Chinese art in the world is very horrible." Want to improve your content dafen art painter Ma Yingliang admits that at present most branches of dafen painting no collection value and investment potential, it is just an ornament, but this does not mean that in the future. Dafen's slogan is "transformation" art and market docking, talent and wealth. Dafen really can make art and the market complement each other? It allows art to realize its value? , LiuQing secretary-general, says dafen is should the demand of the market, its economic benefits is not to say. Even from the perspective of art, has the value of its existence. A simple example, a lot of people like the Mona Lisa, but the original, after all, only a line of dafen painting meet the needs of the ordinary people of the art of love. Artist and painter debate once inside the dafen is also very fierce, but after years of development, more and more people have accepted the dafen's approach. Wenbo, we held a BBS, dafen art industry development in China, many experts have confirmed that the practice of dafen. We believe that the demand of society should be the source of artistic creation. For how to improve the content of dafen works of art, LiuQing said, even a line drawing, dafen now works also have greatly improved compared with a few years ago. To come to dafen dozens more famous original painter, attach great importance to dafen is contributive to organize their sketches to all parts of the country, encouraging them to create original works. Hope in history and improve the overall level of dafen works. Ma Yingliang original painter of dafen, he tells a reporter, he insisted on not draw lines, because his work is to collect rather than decorative. He came to dafen, because want to be able to close to the market. Ma Yingliang creation and hakka themes in Tibet in dafen oil painting work have been considerable recognition, but he refused to sell some picture, because of the accumulation of work in the future to open a painting exhibition. Now in addition to painting, Ma Yingliang also holds the artistic director of dafen culture industrial co., LTD. He said, got a call from a lot of every day, more and more to the original artist want to dafen. On line, it seems, dafen is not content to do painting of scratch for the center, but quietly brewing to real art palace. To gradually accept there is no doubt that the west painting the largest market in Europe and the United States. Have data show that about 60% of the U.S. population, household income of between $30000 to $100000 middle-class households, the average household hangs a picture of the number of 30 or so. As a daily adornment, these pictures will often change, its demand. Dafen is able to break into the European and American market, the first is to rely on copying famous paintings, occupy the market with low cost, low price, and slowly through to the western markets, according to different markets to make original. Mr Wu says, success cannot leave the grasp of the market, americans like colorful paintings, australians like some heavy color painting, I know where to sell what kind of painting. Recently we went to Egypt, by investigating and back to the customer, we have to create for the Middle East, north Africa market. External circulating dafen occupied 60% of world oil market, for this number, dafen people not sure myself. But, dafen oil painting in the west and even in the world oil paintings are of a large market share, is for sure. Dafen people proud of is that most westerners do not know Chinese painting painting before, but now they begin to accept dafen painting. A painter, I draw the Chinese landscape painting, painting of guilin, jiuzhaigou, also try to create folk genre painting, ethnic style of painting, foreigners, love it too. From this perspective, dafen also spread Chinese culture to the west. (China business newspaper)

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