The spring field,realistic oil painting more unbearable,market oversupply

24/08/2013 13:53


The spring field,realistic oil painting more unbearable,market oversupply
This spring auction focus, show obvious portrait painting information, one is the Chinese oil painting market have become the latest round of investment collection to the Lord, the second is due to establish the target system of the custom oil painting international market for Chinese contemporary art, realistic oil painting presents custom portrait the tendency of a large number of shipment accordingly.
Since March 31 in New York since sotheby's auction wholesale oil painting of contemporary Chinese art boom, the overseas contemporary art collection "China craze", in euramerican market appeared a large number of Chinese contemporary art pinpointed, cheap oil painting it is because of Chinese contemporary art academic standards and price system has been established abroad, this led to the main determined by the whole Chinese handmade oil painting contemporary art market overseas collectors. In the international market to promote Chinese contemporary art, and Chinese contemporary art to be a return on investment hand painted oil painting under the condition of fast-track, with the domestic art market is so fierce, mainly reflected in the spring pat on field on the increment of realism oil painting.
On November 5, 2005 in the fall of Chinese oil painting, all of the realistic painting works on 100%. From Chen, ai, Yang Feiyun, the artist Wang Yidong trading, realistic oil painting price is much better estimate. Wang Yidong works of "the mountains of the sun," more to clinch a deal the price of 5.06 million yuan was third. Ai's in the afternoon of February and Yang Feiyun "red curtain" sold 3.63 million yuan and 2.42 million yuan respectively. High garden of Chinese oil painting's then manager thought that the main wholesale oil painting reason is that realistic oil painting in line with the aesthetic temperament and interest of most people, are more likely to see understand. At the same time, the economic potentiality is abundant, the new market buyers bid dares to aim at the painter's representative works, so the collector is XieShiPa painter's works in the first place.
Up to this spring, in the true sense big shot is not good, and we got from the auction focus on companies data   

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shows that: as of the time, 2006 years Yang Feiyun on total amount has reached 39, has appeared to clinch a deal the auction sell-through rate is 64.29%, and he is the total on the year in 2005, 34, sell-through rate is 94.55%; Ai in 2006 is the total on the 21st, the current sell-through rate is 50%, in 2005, he is the total on the year 19, zhang sell-through rate is 96%; 2006 Wang Yidong 25, is the total on the current sell-through rate is 40%, in 2005, the year 12, is the total on the total sell-through rate is 91.67%.
If from the realism oil painting art essence, it focus on "realistic" two words, namely, through specific modelling, colour, texture and modal, convey the reality and higher than the realistic style or images. It is for this essential feature, objectively reduced read the threshold of the painting, to facilitate the public's aesthetic. With a long cycle and general realistic oil painting creation, "work", and convenient for quantitative working strength, easy to reach a consensus on value. Besides, realistic oil painting non-intervening groups mostly in professional organizations, has a relatively privileged social status and cultural status. But at the same time, realistic oil painting in the development of art has left a lot of dysplasia. On the way of painting, as a result of popularization and teach the stale for many years and are very complacent, actually have many inadequate understanding and mastering all: either with fine appearance like a true 2: either so-so, patchy; Or simply "style innovation" in there, mainly for skills decline. In the contemporary realistic oil painting of deep actuality of mining, the performance is vulgar. As Christie's senior experts in a joke said: "both investors and collectors have passed at home in the era of realistic beauty."
From the perspective of the art market, at present the market spread, eager mood, mainly embodies in investment, speculation purpose, stockpiling, high turnover rate phenomenon is outstanding, the lack of stability, it determines the art of the Chinese market to international market of sex. So, on the one hand, is operated major auction goods, the high-quality goods scarce; On the one hand, a lack of confidence and the feel of a certain category or plate bulk shipment, these are the major factors influencing the market benign development.
Market this "invisible hand" is more and more play a dominant role. So, select the entry point, completes the long-term plan to "management", is based on the art market. (Shanghai securities news

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