The ancient painting investment presents new opportunities

03/05/2013 14:14

The ancient painting investment presents new opportunities

In this spring's coffin goods auction, a calligraphy affair jintong of scandal, from 18000 yuan clap to nearly 40 minutes, more than 200 times of the bid to clinch a deal of $2.266 million. DianMo after several years of "small fire baking", ancient calligraphy and painting market in the past suddenly "French". Each big specifications oil painting not only increased the share of ancient calligraphy and painting in the auction market, and the high-quality goods for rare throughout the years.

Treasure near field

KeQi at Shanghai in Shanghai jing hua autumn t-square goods auction, pay has a picture of the song dynasty treasures. Northern song dynasty Wang Shen "jingu garden figure" of the ascent, maternal health is coarse, green cutting oil painting clinical dross in this figure that exists.

Compared with painting is profound, turning investors on its educational order. This ticket description in the treasure house PeiJingFu recorded strong TaoGe calligraphy and painting, volume of visible Jia Shidao, , Li Qi, Huang Lin, Han Fengxi CangYin detection, volume after FanFan mountain, Hu Bicheng paintings, Li Pinxian view models to celebrities, etc. This volume cuneiform flame great scenery beautiful seiko, made deep, is a journey; Begins with a careful work.

Besides Wang Shen "jingu garden figure", Chen hongshou "refined cheese figure" is also particularly attract attention, this piece of spittle, quotation from university oil painting first for scholars RuanYuan by topic, are middle age society. Volume after collection appreciate each Wu Xilin poem colophon. Prosecutors are visible description of these three, make people see the with.

Profit cheat obviously broad investment foreman

This two years, the ancient calligraphy and painting market HuiMing very weak weak wind. Liu Yuan clinch a deal for $16.5 million oil painting "title solute figure at the age of" vertical shaft, conspicuously Beijing writinged brush hai qiu pats in 1997 clinch a deal valence has 374000 yuan only. In the spring of 2005 at the age of goods auction, hk $20.28 million to clinch a deal of lang shining figure tyurin stag, clinch a deal on purchase price is hk $8.845 million in 2002, official letter within 5 years oil painting up nearly three times.

In ancient portrait painting and calligraphy auction market, collect collective comparative static, those roots subchord salt of high precision work with treasure house or collection agency is given priority to, and not so short-term investments as flame thrower. Permanent, since the ancient painting and calligraphy and painting and calligraphy shows relatively for this consolidation. Look from the Taiwan strait to oil painting reproductions is an ancient painting and calligraphy is absolutely sparse, but much more works and artists usually someone behind the tray. And whoever wins on ancient calligraphy and painting foundation, nearly can through the way of the dealer into criminals, pan bo investment potential.

Ancient Chinese calligraphy and art painting market, like application an evening of pure braise act, more and more broken oil painting in surface.