So now art and oil painting is closely combined with the market economy

21/10/2013 19:11


So now art and oil painting is closely combined with the market economy

I want to ask some non-existent introduction of Chinese oil painting market situation, because these art works as is to pass to the development of the market.
Shang Chuanjie: the development of Chinese oil painting market should be late, in fact, the combination of art and the market both in China ancient times or in the process of the rest of the world is a very normal phenomenon. We are at custom oil painting the beginning of the founding of the development of the art market also is very normal, to get rid of all the things during the cultural revolution, hence date, such as emerging art market began to recovery after the reform and open policy, has resumed, in this stage of development has a process, started many art long-term study of the major in art colleges or wedding portrait art and creative agency, so life is basically guaranteed.
After reform and opening up, the art market began to recover, many artists have an understanding of the process, they think can't sell myself out, seems to think art is children of their own, can't sell. So the market is a process of development, in addition, China's economic development is very fast, and push up the market, but there are family portrait some not mature and standard, so the market is active, and there are some defects.
I will enter the market in the early 80 s, when few people sell their works. The price is very bottom, and have a good wish is the noble art to the people at home. Because people in the reform and open policy to solve the issues of food and clothing, no more money to buy works of art, but we wish is until

now, to today's art market can afford the original is very few, some of them are real collectors, most of them are investors. He is to make money, today I bought 100000 yuan, in the time of autumn is likely to be 200000, but this picture in what place, may not be a concern, just focus on the appreciation of space. So Chinese art today although on the surface seems very prosperous, especially the recent market of oil painting, like volcanic eruptions, spewing out, now painting are frequently millions of millions of, seem is developing very rapidly. But I'm a things both optimistic aspect, I think it's so in the Chinese economy development, the demand of the Chinese culture has grown. And as a work of art can get such attention, is unprecedented, as an artist I feel very happy. But there are concerns, because the market is not mature and is not standard, is chaos, I think after a few years, the market will gradually health up. By that time will be better gradually. I see their art market abroad compare health and standard, won't have too big fluctuations, our here volatility is larger.
The real art market specification I think there are four sorts of conditions. The country's economic development is the premise, of course, need to have the artist's efforts, needs to have art dealer operator's effort, and theorists, YiPingGu efforts. They will review the value of art. You have more and more collectors, the be fond of of real collector of art formed this momentum. This is the real collectors, now a lot of not collectors, when they see they bought at the auction house and gallery painting is actually a kind of investment behavior, is for the sake of making money is not in itself to collect. Some people say that this picture to make money, he would dare to try, he will dare to buy. But not for collection. This requires YiPingGu role. Such as oil painting in the history of China, what is the value for the value and price of art and often is not symmetrical. So you can't say it's value and price completely match. In addition many artists are not willing to take out your own work. So in front of the art market have to worry about, but after everybody joint effort, will have good prospects for development. In fact, our country's auction house, was established in the early 90 s only, no auction market before the 90 s, today's market after years of development is also gradually expanding

It is understood that the exhibition will continue in Annie gallery, and continued until April 30

I think this is what should I do, it's oil painting good." "They will give you the corresponding compensation?" "No, don't oil painting need to!



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