Sell popcorn couple crush on oil painting creation

01/05/2013 16:16

Sell popcorn couple crush on oil painting creation

Have a passion for painting Yang and a monthly is a pair of poor husband and wife, and rely on selling popcorn for a living after more than 20 years, has been in united two people finally could not resist the charm of the art of painting, on the road to the oil painting creation. For more than a year, the birth of "grassroots" poor couples and these works, has walked into the minds of nearby residents, and couple of oil painting in the rough growth all the way.

Rich area Yang streets emerging communities often have such a picture: Hu Tongkou beside a battered carts, shook her husband hard converter, while the wife beside a promising oil painting business - the eight years of the pendulum is popcorn stand, has become part of nearby residents have long life picture.

47, husband, Yang is the real rich people, after graduating from high school, and then into a benefit is not in a good state.

In 1988, Yang study full-time to tangshan. Not far from the school, is the tangshan youth palace at that time, there are classes of works of art. Was obsessed with painting, Yang routinely applied to start learning the sketch and gouache. Learn skills after a few months, self-induction is Yang alone came to shijiazhuang, friends in another program.

"At that time, I met friends learn a monthly." Yang said that age and two people who have the same hobby quickly touch out of the spark. In 1993, two people into the palace of the marriage.

Later, Yang resigned from enterprise, went into oil painting reproductions business. The cruel reality, however, make simple Yang after go to the wall, in 2004, Yang began to run a popcorn stall at home with his wife. Thousands of yuan a month income became the economic source of the family.

"We have done a lot of business over the years, though for a living, but I never regretted it. As long as two people together, do what all is happy." A monthly said marriage, two people have one son, family, though poor, but have a HeHeMeiMei, art hobby together is to let the couple have said not over of topic.

In less than 30 square meters to rent the house, they are full of all kinds of wholesale oil painting, these works are more than a year to the couple.

"Even though so many years, and I love to life had no time to painting a picture, but this has been buried in the heart of the creative passion, but with the passage of time more and more strong. Whenever you see books about painting, we both walk, don't want to buy it home to read, and when I heard there is after the exhibition, we are doing everything they can to visit here." Yang said, such is his skill and lover from books for self-study. In order to have better writing space, in April 2011, they rented a remote dwellings, and in addition to three meals a day in life and support son necessary spending, almost all the rest of the money used on the painting. "Each work, rough some three or four days, also want to draw on delicate pieces, tend to be a couple of months to complete." Yang said that he and his lover's expectations, is creating more work, not a painting sell how many money, as long as you can, they are very happy.

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