Russian oil painting price items in high demand,foreign monks to chant buddhist scripture

07/10/2013 22:20


Russian oil painting price items in high demand,foreign monks to chant buddhist scripture

Yesterday afternoon, "high-quality goods of Russian oil painting art auction" held in xiyuan tea auction center city. Good work always be appreciate and treasure, the sale in a trend of higher not lower - high price items in high demand, low price oil painting items few takers. In addition to repin, levitan and moi sast outside of a few masters, such as the rest of the 143 paintings is participated in the auction. After more than three portrait painting hours of an auction, the auction completion price 4 million yuan ($9000), 44 magnum auction, the auction price of 600000 yuan in the leaf of the marina merv griffin has died.
Auction site, more than two hundred seats crescent filled the venue and the number of bidders also seems to be taking over. Before attending the custom oil painting meeting, however, the warm atmosphere of the contrast, there are most of the items are not low, the works are taken from insufficient because its reserve, is some starting at work but at a price. Merv griffin has died in leaves of "marina" clinch a deal finally with oil painting reproductions 600000 yuan, and nima gold four paintings "spring", "xia", "autumn", "winter" clinch a deal for 400000 yuan. The situation seems to be more person-to-person suspicion auction floor there is also an invisible "dark war".
The most   

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worth mentioning is the auction items 13 - the Ottoman "window flowers", work to reach orgasm, the shooting of a bidder marketers, manipulated, seems to be firmly convinced that the oil painting. Finally, after several rounds of bidding, the work has finally been 20 to 168000 yuan, thrilling scene like American movies. Mr Rong wen tree analysis, according to a senior collectors, figure of the "window flowers" for its superb skills to win the favour of many bidders. Figure 17 painting to participate in the auction, but in addition to the "window flowers" and the other two works to clinch a deal, the rest of the works are basically left to rot.
Yunnan province famous painter Luo Jianhua said at the end of the auction, the auction is the first foreign oil painting products in yunnan the auction of the original and it is in the west tea city in such a formal venue and the atmosphere, is a valuable art collectors in yunnan. But throughout a live auction, there are two emphases of investment in the kunming art trend, a collector is kunming vision is not soft, good works see clearly to understand it; On the other hand is the lack of rational, too emotional, still need guidance on the aesthetic. (source: spring city evening news

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