Reporter observed: oil painting artistic home have entered the ordinary people such as family

13/05/2013 11:43


Reporter observed: oil painting artistic home have entered the ordinary people such as family

Dongguan increasingly strong cultural atmosphere not only affects the dongguan "bookman," ordinary people family obviously too much a few minutes in the culture. At the end of the housing decoration golden season, the reporter visited the market found that household art has become people necessities of an outfit, no matter new or old house, the owner can choose one or two works of art, or hanging calligraphy and painting, or art furnishing articles, and integrating functional and artistic quality household products are widely popular with consumers, to add home culture.

Culture household into people family

Just buy a house in 2009 wang specifically bought a few paintings to wholesale oil painting decorate bridal chamber. Miss wang tells a reporter, the house is bought for simple decoration, for economic reasons, not big moving blade axe modified decorate a style, but with some soft outfit decoration reflects ego style. Miss wang said, although don't know much about the calligraphy and painting, hang a few paintings but feel home or can let household grade promotion many, even spend some money is worth it.

Miss wang to buy oil painting price in a few thousand yuan, she around many friends also bought about price of painting or decoration.

And lived in Wan Jiang miss wu has a classical complex, home decorate a style of ancient sweet patina, not only all the furniture is antique types, even the ancient pottery and porcelain, calligraphy and oil painting reproductions furnishing articles such as the pursuit of style. It is understood that miss wu some calligraphy and painting and furnishing articles at home spent tens of thousands of dollars. Lives, south side, due to slightly understand works of calligraphy and painting collection value, so in the gallery's friends had a picture of a sketch drawing of ten thousand yuan. It is said that this is be underestimated the value of the famous calligraphy and painting. She tells a reporter, every day looking at this famous early works, not only happy, more let her rejoicing, experts said this have appreciation of space, she also waiting for this wall painting appreciation.

Household art consumption in this.i grew

Calligraphy and painting, such as cultural products in ordinary people's house of popular also let all the stores of calligraphy and painting, ceramic products sales. Painter-calligrapher Zhang Hanqing said in an interview with reporters, his works sales well all the time, the buy advice to consumers is also many, some of them are like the expert calligraphy and oil painting, also have the pursuit of cultural tastes of consumers. Sales in some stores, recently in the field of calligraphy and painting sales have increased significantly. Some supermarkets have a special area sales and soft outfit of calligraphy and painting products, according to the relevant person in charge of a supermarket, this year, the growth of the sales of the product had portrait painting the very big, so in the future also plans to expand the a share of business.

Household consumption is high and low culture

The functionality of the decoration art and artistic quality the price gap is quite big. "Domestic outfit building materials product has a strong personality, on the material and design differ in thousands ways, so the price is difficult to form the standardization of material and pricing transparency." Have business decoration art industry insiders said. In cultural household, some works of art, only a few hundred others as high as hundreds of thousands of, make household consumption level of high and low culture. For expensive ceramic art, the customers must have certain economic strength. The personage inside course of study says, expensive artwork, most customers or business, they will buy back for decoration or send people, working class few buyers.

And bamboo crafts company mainly handmade bamboo and wood products, wicker products, prices are relatively cheap, is popular with wage earners, according to a wood shop assistant miss zhou, a pair of young couples to decorate bridal chamber last weekend just bought several pairs. Modern society has entered a pluralistic consumption age, the home installs consumption is not exceptional also, consumer demand changing, the cultural demand is also becoming more and more strong, showing the high-quality high-cultural decoration art will usher in more customers.