Qi baishi, 57, "north drift" mouse mung bean fly into Beijing to free from vulgarity

05/05/2013 10:48

Qi baishi, 57, "north drift" mouse mung bean fly into Beijing to free from vulgarity

Brief content: the "lecture room" has been on the hunt for a new "academic star", the reporter understands from you, on March 4, there will be a new keynote speaker's altar speak qi baishi. Lv Lixin: qi baishi painters of that era, without the government keeps, want to rely on selling his paintings to feed a large family, but he sells paintings there are so many rules.

Qi baishi

"Lecture room" has been on the hunt for a new "academic star", the reporter understands from you, on March 4, there will be a new keynote speaker's altar speak qi baishi. It is understood that this will be the CCTV launched "lecture room" for the first time in nine years involved in arts subjects.

The new speaker Lv Lixin haven't an altar, is called "lecture room" in the history of the most handsome of the speaker. He the deputy secretary-general of the ministry of culture art assessment committee, published three years ago, 100000 - word study of qi baishi's book, "spicy, xinrui" speech oil painting style, interpretation from the motivational aspects of modern Chinese fine arts master qi baishi, qi baishi "self-help" more than one thousand du lala.

"Lecture room" has been the public level in history, the collection hot, will heat up a fine art again? Interview with reporters yesterday and this is the altar of the speaker.

Locking white stone old man:

Qi baishi grandson rehearsal didn't succeed

"Lecture room" speak art, why the start locking qi baishi? "Qi baishi is a master of fine arts, today people nearest like" lecture room "has been in the field of opera on mei lanfang, are more likely to cause the audience resonance." Lv Lixin engaged in Chinese oil painting reproductions contemporary painting research for many years, now he in charge of culture first state-level art files - the art of the 20th century national archives compilation work.

Qi baishi is one of the painter of the collection of the hottest on the market today. Last year's Beijing poly autumn night, qi baishi "sadly silent" page 12 flowers open out, eventually to the high price of 95.2 million yuan for a collector to collect and record. At the end of last year, qi baishi "bay leaf insects" vertical shaft, blockbuster, with RMB 16.8 million clinch a deal, a white stone old man the highest singles.

"Qi baishi is both familiar and strange to common people, who all know qi baishi, but many people don't know him, don't know how he did it from a read only half a year has carpenter achievement process for the master of art." Lectures on qi baishi Lv Lixin said, CCTV, you think, is very easy to damage.

According to understand, to speak well, qi baishi, "lecture room" has selected three speaker teaching demonstration, including a art teacher from guangzhou, and qi baishi a grandson come to rehearsal, from the view of life to the master qi baishi, but without success, finally lock by Lv Lixin speaking.

Qi baishi "bay leaf insects mirror heart" vertical shoot sky-high.

Locking motivational themes:

Qi baishi not new Beijing is hard to succeed

"Qi baishi more motivational than one thousand du lala." Lv Li jargons, amazingly, he explained, "lecture room" recorded in May not be so "spicy hot", but he did repeatedly portrait painting mentioned in the lecture, today's white-collar workers can learn qi baishi. "Qi baishi absolutely is a good example of the successful struggle, 57 years old when the north drift, also from hunan to Beijing. You know, before qi baishi only famous in hunan province, small scale, make less than Beijing, qi baishi is hard to become a generation of master of fine arts."

"Since white stone old man during his lifetime, multipolar study of qi baishi and the books, but how can you easily put the art of qi baishi say a second, don't talk about theory, hard." Lv Lixin said, speak good qi baishi is not easy, must find a qi baishi life and art with same part of the audience today. "I think later, qi baishi art environment similar to today is, artists was desperate less than Beijing, it is difficult to success."

"From a carpenter to master of art, qi baishi's struggle experience tells us that anything is possible." Lv Lixin said, nearly 70 at the age of qi baishi art to complete and is a legendary life, has the enlightenment significance.

Lv Lixin with qi baishi life events as the main line, from qi baishi one story tactfully extended to the people and things of that era, interconnected transmission at that time. "Qi baishi art life and can now back to the world of art, qi baishi life selling paintings, but the sale can in turn stimulate his art to the peak, but now many painters have lost their way in the market."