Picasso was a talented magician, oil painting artistic value is very high

05/05/2013 10:51

Picasso was a talented magician, oil painting artistic value is very high

The girl of avignon

(2) the pipe of the boy

The first Shanghai international art exhibition on October 12 to 21, 2007 held in Shanghai exhibition center, 10 days, exhibits totaling more than ten billion yuan.

Among them, some of Picasso's works is particularly eye-catching, just on the beach of men and women, "a picture of paintings on cloth, worth up to 3.2 million euros. Picasso and his works exactly the charm? Why every is inevitable high-profile appearances? Reason actually very simple, because if there is no Picasso, the modern art wouldn't be like this, according to Nick the dragon Murray, chairman of the oil painting exhibition is that over the past century western art, for its important, there is hardly a genre is not emanating from him, or be absorbed by him and make the most of.

"He doesn't love everyone, but themselves and painting"

In fact, described the Picasso and his artwork, is a very difficult thing.

Nearly all public information display, Picasso is the world recognized as the 20th century's most remarkable, the most versatile, most influential, the most iconic of the artist, and his genius seems to be born, it is said that even before he learned to speak, he can use the painting to express their needs and emotions. His talent is considered the "touch the depth of the era of human evil and evil, deep and precise insight into the scattered the torture of human nature under the canopy of civilization", the whole of the 20th century, no who can brings to the art world as he did so. But corresponding to this is from his life, his family's words, you can find, the other side of the great artists, but also concentrate even magnified the unbearable and ugly: exclusive, pessimism, violent irritability, indecision, gloomy and depressing, selfish, sell and betrayal friends, trying to destroy to leave her lover...

Picasso lifetime, often seem to be very awake, everything on earth is critical, but it is unusually luxury life and material enjoyment; He is good at use propaganda to create personal prestige with aura, was a crafty old scoundrel when very young, but his work is plain and temples, seems he never naivety; Less than 20 years old, he is the "regular" red-light district, there were many public and secret lover, even there are too many gay couples, but in the end, he said, "I think, I may never get love to die." Picasso died, not only left a huge paintings and wealth, also left a huge trouble and disputes. He have two wife, lover and at least five three born out of wedlock, he knows that his legacy of disposal problem "would be worse than anyone could imagine", but don't want to leave any words and wills, deliberately and seems to be difficult in this world, even if he had to leave, also want to left the pain and trouble as much as possible.

And many had poor after the death of eminent artists, Picasso is alive with nearly all of the secular aspects of happiness, eternal fame, huge wealth, countless women, but he is not so satisfied and happy. Until old age, he still full of despair and anger, still suffered agonies of hate. For Picasso's life, the most appropriate description may be: "he who doesn't love, but themselves and painting."

"All his life he was a young man"

Some people whole life is an old man, some people a lifetime is a middle-aged man, some people spend a lifetime is a young man. To Picasso, the human with the creation of the painter's pure heart, extreme low enthusiasm and the destruction of the habitual urge, seems to be oil painting reproductions interwoven entanglements together forever, don't break up, perhaps it is because, his life is a young man. And painting Picasso lifetime and style idea change, can be born out of his hand alternately elegant, beautiful and childish piao zhuo, alternately absurd weirdness, and odd pieces of painting, sculpture, the chahai fierce basic reason maybe is that his life is a youth, he had always been one of the world's most "young" painter.

Picasso was born in 1881, in southern Spain on the Mediterranean, has the rich flavor of malaga in north Africa, spent his childhood. That place, dazzling sunshine, dry, brown red land blooming flowers more cactus, brackish sea breeze mixed with fragrance of extraordinary fragrance of summer fruit