Origin of British popular Europe and the United States, "night" high-end market leading oil painting art

10/05/2013 15:35

Origin of British popular Europe and the United States, "night" high-end market leading oil painting art

"Evening sale" (the evening sale), originated in Britain, popular in Europe and the United States, is the most scarce, the most precious of art master of the art of social redistribution of masterpiece. Main feature is the auction in the night, sales is mainly the late master's works and historical conclusion. Many of the world famous paintings, such as van gogh's "sunflower", Picasso's "with the pipe boy" is taken in evening sale out.

In spring auction 2007, first introduced the evening sale in mainland China, from Beijing's poly big spring roll out of modern and contemporary paintings auction oil painting reproductions evening. Special launch work quantity is not much, but it may be said is both academic and market recognition, have art museum collection level standard of high-end items, "evening" to launch the art in the field of the most scarce and precious works of art, so high-end auction is considered to be art.

The spring and autumn period and the two season evening turnover of 570 million yuan

At Beijing's poly spring evening sale in modern and cheap oil painting contemporary Chinese art, launched 65 high-quality goods, sell-through rate of 94%, the total turnover of 248.93 million yuan. Clinch a deal the price of the auction there are 3 pieces of more than ten million yuan, one million yuan of above items is over 57. Items covered is given priority to with contemporary art paintings, from imagery oil painting master wu guanzhong to represented by zhang xiaogang, fang lijun, gallery liu xiaodong's contemporary vanguard, and Wang Yidong, Yang Feiyun, JinShangYi of realistic painting are the main to the auction.

In late November 30, the Beijing poly is launched four characteristic autumn evening sale. In the modern and contemporary Chinese art evening, give priority to in order to early and realism oil painting is divided into the evening I and predominantly contemporary art evening II, 33 works and 45 respectively, the total turnover of up to 325.192 million yuan. In one of the "evening" I launched 33 items, sell-through rate of 91%, a total of 163.968 million yuan. On the works of clinch a deal the price is also considerable, ten million yuan of above items for 3 pieces, one million yuan of above items there were 29, accounting for 88% of the number taken on the whole. Of wu guanzhong's paintings "hibiscus" (1975) to 1975 yuan, and the price is dropping the hammer, become the special performance of the highest price, the closely watched Chen as "yuan" (2001) with a price of 13.44 million yuan, clinch a deal the price hit its individual works.

"Evening II" is collected zeng fanzhi and Mr. Liu, fang lijun, zhang xiaogang, yue minjun, etc. Hot on the market of contemporary art, on the amount of 45 pieces, sell-through rate was 91%, the total turnover of 161.224 million yuan. On the prices, and 3 pieces of more than ten million yuan, clinch a deal the price 35 pieces to clinch a deal the price of one million yuan of above. Zeng fanzhi's "mask" (2000) clinch a deal the price is 13.44 million yuan, liu xiaodong's "joke" (1990) clinch a deal the price is 12.32 million yuan, fang lijun's "1997.1" (1997) to 1997 yuan transactions, Mao Yan portrait of youth small card "(1996) to 9.856 million yuan, zhang xiaogang's" big family series (2000) to 9.52 million yuan, yue minjun's "raised his hand, do not move" (2004) to 8.96 million yuan transactions.

Chinese painting and calligraphy night autumn also

In addition to retain the last season for modern and contemporary art auction, the auction company would expand the evening auction to contain ancient and modern Chinese painting and calligraphy art, calligraphy and painting items, divided into the qianlong palace art and Shi Qu bao shu "they judged the yuan qiu hunting figure" and Chinese contemporary painting two special performance. "Qianlong palace art" special launch work of 11 pieces, sell-through rate of 82%, the total turnover of 43.008 million yuan. Although the long-awaited "they judged the yuan qiu hunting figure did not clinch a deal, but did not affect normal auction warm atmosphere, the qing emperor qianlong period of the" red sandalwood side Angle is big ark "clinch a deal the price of 28 million yuan, a" tour empire Bai Ying for the qianlong emperor in our hand-painted map of Taiwan "(1748) clinch a deal the price is RMB 3.36 million, the qing emperor qianlong period of the famille rose amitayus clinch a deal the price is RMB 2.128 million. Launched "Chinese contemporary painting evening", xu beihong, Li Keran, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi virtuosi calligraphy and painting 30 high-quality oil painting goods, clinch a deal was 97%, the total turnover of 77.672 million yuan.

From the perspective of the four evening sale of autumn sales, as much as 440 million yuan of total turnover accounted for poly auction fall more than a half of the total portrait paintng turnover of 860 million yuan, in the number of items to streamline to ensure the evening sale's quality of work, lots of high-end quality reflects the items of collect carefully, both in academic and market value under guarantee, so high in the buyer's market response is understandable.