Oil painting is not easy,involves many political and economic environment factors

11/10/2013 16:39


Oil painting is not easy,involves many political and economic environment factors

In the image on the image of a series of revolutionary measures, some of the contemporary Chinese oil painters of public image, including the direct use of public image, history and reality are most vulnerable to criticism and censure, among them, the most academic impact of reason is: public image belongs to the category of popular oil painting culture, and the oil painting creation and the mass culture together, will only reduce the oil painting art taste. Because of mass culture is mass produced by the recipe, has no style, no difficulty, no personality and the characteristics of mediocre vulgar, and is a capitalist is driven by commercial interests to the unidirectional manipulation to the public.
Obviously, the above view is under the influence of adorno culture scholars. Familiar with adorno's people know, the culture of scholars "mass culture theory" has a strong tendency to "elite aesthetic theory". He has always stressed that elite culture unique spiritual freedom and the thought of value. However, though adorno's cheap oil painting china theory has a certain historical significance, and promote the many scholars attention and discussion on this issue, but it is, after all, adorno before moving to the United States in the last century 40 s theory, is already a thing of the past history in today. In contrast, with the rapid development of commercial society, popular culture has replaced the elite culture in the form of extremely strong supreme status. As some scholars pointed out that, as a new growth point of knowledge, popular culture can not only provide new ideas and value, can also open culture new directions. (2) if a dismissive attitude in mass culture, will custom oil painting china only make a study of contemporary culture people lose the necessary academic sensitivity.
It is based on the above reason, I think some of the contemporary Chinese oil painters serious study, mass culture and clever embezzlement of public image, in the creation is a just and reasonable.



Indeed, according to the traditional standard, it is quite a bit of Chinese contemporary oil painters copied and repeat. But I think, find the substitution of public image and reality, sensitive to grasp the special significance of implicit, and then put it into a super normal, ridiculous artistic context, so as to cause the people to the real reflection, this itself is a great originality. Actually, different from the traditional sense of the original, many like embezzlement of the public image of contemporary artists in the creation of stress is found again and again on the public image creation. Of the further study of mass culture and personal feelings, did not seriously cleaning of contemporary culture, no concept of intervention, not the eyes of the wise, no critical consciousness, some contemporary painter absolutely impossible through use public image involves some sensitive cultural issues. Painter, for example, the works of wang anyi "great criticism" is using the big criticism of the header of the cultural revolution and popular foreign goods, mockingly, involved a strong to weak culture invasion. While the painter zhang xiaogang's work "big family" in parody of the last century five, in domestic in the 60 s family photo, cleverly involved "left" ideological trend of cruel kill mass personality problems. There is no doubt that they are expressed by the cultural theme, with the traditional oil painting creation method is impossible to obtain. So, when we are faced with some embezzlement of the public image of the modern oil painting works, first of all should strive to find out what the artist tries to express cultural problem, second to explore their performance and how to use a specific public image to a specific theme, finally to explore what contains the images in the picture the public living experience and visual experience, and so on. Otherwise, we are sure with hard work to produce a resonance and the exchange relations, more can't use the corresponding standard, to make a accurate judgment on the academic works.
Would also point out that some of the contemporary Chinese oil painters of new artistic images, the use of rhetoric method is by no means entirely out of respect to create new style, but in order to emphasize art function and critical function of interference from the reality, at the same time increase the feeling of history and capacity artistic language, it has to do with modernism laying emphasis on the aesthetic function is absolutely different, with a very special sociological significance and meaning of art history. There is no denying the fact that some artists still be in to borrow from the Angle of pure style public image; Some people are also in the absence of deep personal experience, reluctant to use public image; Some people are more cater to a few foreigners taste in mouth, suck up to use the public image, but this kind of speculative painting is not really a Chinese contemporary art, because they have lost the humanistic nature of contemporary art. In essence, the morphological characteristics of Chinese contemporary oil painting language is the pursuit of a byproduct of the ideas expressed far is not an end in itself. If to reverse this process, Chinese modern oil painting will lose the meaning of survival, worthless.
As mentioned earlier, and not all Chinese contemporary artists have in embezzlement of popular image on the basis of the creation. Because there are a few contemporary artists, in order to nature to express individual survival experience in the society, often directed some surreal scene, then according to the popular image of each formula (3) to capture, to deal with (4), until transfer to the canvas. Relatively, this technique is more appeared in the "new man" artist's work. Compare their work, we feel, though they cut the Angle of the reality and artistic style is different, but they all make good image entered into by the author in the picture set framework, the significance of this is very helpful for the reader to work reading, and participating in the creation.
From the perspective of social development, the enlightenment of above it by new image works. Because in the new image of artists often, according to the need for decoration photograph the scene, it also makes some Chinese contemporary oil painting presents the technical view and trace. (5) such as He Sen not only use the pose when writing way, also on the blurred image with the effect of photography technique, the result is very good highlights the young boredom, loneliness, confusion and loss of the mood. Another artist Xiong Lijun while also used the way she posed, but she finally is the way with cartoon exaggeration to deal with the images, the results with her unique artistic language highlights some young people blindly imitate the western way of life, self-indulgence, the pursuit of happy moments of life values. Here, a problem is brought out, that is now that some Chinese contemporary artist is so keen to use images of the modern media production, why not just go with the modern media is engaged in the creation of the art nouveau style?? Why should they want to make a painting neither fish nor fowl? As far as I know, in a national academic conference, a painter, made a similar problem. To this, I want to answer is: first, the above mentioned Chinese contemporary artist not only have received professional education, is infatuated with painting the art of the traditional media. In their mind, rack paintings are still observing nature, the effective ways to know his own self. Because from the focus on individual experience and against the phenomenon of mechanical reproduction, they are so precious paintings have the characteristics of individualization and manual; Second, the media itself has no, or live as long as the unique ideas and experiences into the creation of oil painting still has an important place in the pattern of contemporary art, in London, Berlin, for example, oil painting is still in the contemporary art is both universal and important media, like today is very popular artist glen. Brown and Leon. Song the rouble has been the expression of the oil painting as the main tool. But this does not affect their academic status; Third, in the pattern of international contemporary art, contemporary Chinese painter has a considerable advantage, a lack of deep image background, and excel in the painting, there is no need to give up their own advantages, to catch the new fashion of international art; Fourth, in the works of some of the contemporary Chinese oil painters had the obvious visual characteristics of mass culture, doesn't mean the fall of oil painting. On the contrary, they create form, is a hint of cultural environment and regulations, and they create a new space art development needs.
The oil painting art of contemporary Chinese oil painters create again we see the thought value of great power. It should be said that it is the basic problem of Chinese people live in repeatedly, they formed a special oil painting art of the cultural symbol system, which involves questions about the meaning of life eternal, that is the good news.
I wish Chinese modern oil painting constantly make greater achievements

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