Oil painting is helpful to improve household taste and master status

01/05/2013 16:26

Oil painting is helpful to improve household taste and master status

If you hang a painting in the home, immediately appear different taste and identity. Our life just to get rid of hunger, has been moving towards cultural fast food popular era. Maybe a lot of people still don't have the consciousness to improve their self-cultivation taste, but more or less has affected by the social environment.

Here, however, art beauty want to remind everybody is, 798 oil painting as a kind of elegant art, with well helps to improve the taste, but many people didn't know this, fool, some merchants with a few or no artistic value is digital oil painting or a print oil painting as a real hand-painted oil paintings. These is what we call the adornment of the connotation of the pseudo not only not improve the effect of atmosphere and the taste, but also for your taste, bring some negative things.

In I saw a lot of family decoration are using these items to decorate the pseudo connotation. If you don't understand or want to use these spray painting to the decoration, are simply not to decorate, clear is a kind of the embodiment of the connotation.

Buy buy real hand-painted oil painting, and don't to buy the replica or semi-automatic. Art beauty, 798 has been committed to oil painting supplier custom, you can provide material, either portrait or landscape, we have professional painter drawing for you, the real hand-painted oil paintings.

How to identify a picture of a valuable painting

The first thing to do is often go to see some real hand-painted wholesale oil paintings, look at those valuable oil painting's good, composition, idea or drawing and so on.

The current market there are a lot of adornment of printing, computer print canvas, these prices are often lower, general slightly a few common sense can see come out, of course you also won't take this to hand-painted oil painting oil painting. Just to let everyone know that have this kind of decoration, the adornment picture usually hangs in some public places, these places such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Home and office is not going to hang this painting.

Spray painting, although there is a painting of "form", but I do not have the painting "quality", the approximate oil painting reproductions, process simple, into batch production. There is no art appreciation value. Hang in the home that is a word "put".

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