Oil painting become collectors to be bestowed favor on newly gradually

01/05/2013 16:12

Oil painting become collectors to be bestowed favor on newly gradually

Popular art auction market and in 2009 the first snow of the ferocious, as the autumn sales weaving hammer, Po Po updated art network data center released its latest round of transaction data. Compared to last year's dismal percentage of successful clinch a deal this year how many let people see the hope and the dawn of art market. November 18, 2009 of Chinese autumn held in Beijing international hotel, released from the auction results, not only multiple special clinch a deal amount reached one hundred million yuan, more than RMB ten million yuan and price of the items there are 23 pieces, and there are lots more set a new record, the auction completion price 1.533 billion yuan of the total turnover is hit over the game best. Throughout the value was the highest in the oil painting sculpture image of wu guanzhong's starting at "the north scenery" in 12 million, with 30.24 million clinch a deal finally, become the whole at the top of the auction. Another JinShangYi creation in 1969, chairman MAO in the steel mills, oil painting, also clinchs a deal with 20.216 million yuan; Wang Shikuo bloodstained garment, its clinch a deal valence also is as high as 11.2 million yuan. Besides, cixi sun creation "tiananmen former" and seven new sketch, is 11.256 million yuan.


Painting is a consumer is not at a loss for investment - especially in the oil painting for long

If you want to say to spend more more, works of art must be a place to "money", this is a value-added consumption. Types have a lot of works of art, calligraphy and painting class market of oil painting. The personage inside course of study points out, from the Angle of capital investment threshold is higher than the traditional Chinese painting; But, from the aspects of professional oil painting is more easy to get started. The personage inside course of study thinks, painting is easy to understand, while traditional Chinese painting is half of abstract art. But more importantly, the oil painting reproductions market less fakes. Because fake one painting far unlike processing traditional Chinese painting to be simple, no advanced painting skills are hard to fake. So oil painting market will be the calligraphy and painting class in the future market trend. "Oil paintings have a characteristic, it is not like other commodities after use will generate depreciation, generally, even under the condition of the market is depressed, a good painting is still not" drop ". So far, many Chinese families also useless portrait paintings to decorate, so its market potential is very big still. In other words, as long as you are not on the mindset of speculation in the market, buy a painting is a consumption that will not lose money."

From the low end of the original painting to realize the value - north Korea is preferred

Chinese art market determines for ordinary consumers, can take a step by step, from the low end of road, because the road is a little bit small risk. Held in national art museum of China in 2008 sponsored by the China academy of art, Chinese oil painting institute to undertake large-scale oil painting exhibition "seeking the source asked - oil painting research show, in Korean artist delegation. The exhibition to be among the most famous painter in China, focusing on the many of China's most outstanding paintings. Korean artist delegation said: "north Korea has a lot of artists we can fully meet Chinese artist such realistic level, just our artist is most of the time in order to complete the national arrangement assigned tasks and creation, we don't know what is the market, also don't know the demand of the market". Works of art price for revolution of Korean artists still feel confused and embarrassed to another topic, because they haven't the concept art market, won't use money to measure their revolutionary subject matter works of fine art. Especially the art works that sing of north Korean leader is Korean artists ready to use life to defend and protect. Once poor turbulent life, make the north Korean artist of realism creation tendency. True scenery landscape painting and genre painting, is the most national characteristics of painting style of north Korea. Artists will create the eye are projected into the natural life can see all the people, situations, events, the character of the observation, capture the development trend of people mentality, describe things. Read north Korea's figure painting, many will wonder, dignified and beautiful Korean girl picture, to fine just as photo realistic, maybe this is just what north Korean artists to pursue highest boundary. In north Korea, also have a kind of the most close to China's traditional Chinese painting art, called north Korea's painting. Korea painting originated in China the traditional Chinese painting, the painter will be China's traditional Chinese painting, Rou with north Korea national aesthetic taste and national amorous feelings, after centuries of development, gradually formed its own style of painting. In addition to the accumulation of deep strength for many years, mastery of real life but also Korean painters pursue the principle of highest and essence, loyal to life, from life potential demand also contributed to the north of a batch of excellent realistic works. Those with a strong north Korea documentary doctrine color painting records the different times of human feelings, connections to the people's infinite memory of history and life. Both technique and art achievements, north Korea oil painting with its new vitality and connotation for explaining the true value of art.

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