Oil painting appreciation, harmonious reveal oil painting art trend of The Times

14/05/2013 16:26


Oil painting appreciation, harmonious reveal oil painting art trend of The Times

Po Po art network commentator? And shadow dance?? Writing?? Oil painting is a kind of art form has a strong expressiveness and plasticity. Usually by rough lines, clear light and shade relations to material performance. In the current oil painting art market, whether it is oil painting artists, or oil painting art lovers are more and more oil painting reproductions pay attention to the realistic oil painting and the combination of artistic conception.

Like this picture display brougham baby Jane mall boutique figure painting of "harmony". The painting by the famous painting and calligraphy artist had Mr GuoZhu creation, once Mr GuoZhu famous wholesale oil painting professional painter in China, is good at painting. Now Hong Kong's vibrant colors art gallery signing painter. His work for exhibition in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places many times, some works are collected by collectors. Deeply the general portrait painting lovers of art. The painting painting characters, pure and fresh quietly elegant, perfect show the young girl's pure and simple but elegant. Wings of the birds are so with sound. The whole painting unaware tiancheng, harmonious and natural, exquisite oil painting craftsmanship of the author, elegant style. Is a rare art high-quality goods, has the very high ornamental value. Worthy of collection.

According to bo baby Jane, head of the mall: today's oil painting art more and more close to people's lives, especially in the trend of The Times leading the trend, so to speak. Like this picture display should also baby Jane mall boutique paintings of "harmony". The painting in the traditional themes of still life picture style portrait painting is decorous, light and shade relations clear, colour quietly elegant. Presents a kind of halcyon and peaceful artistic breath, is a classic masterpiece in a painting art. Has the very high collection value.

"Po Po review" oil painting art in recent years more and more get oil painting reproductions the welcome of people and attention. Especially in some domestic outfit down the popular on the market. We can say that the current oil painting art has a strong appreciation and collection value.