New generation oil painting appreciation,young artists more it is worth collecting

07/10/2013 22:14


New generation oil painting appreciation,young artists more it is worth collecting

Now investment collection has the academic value of art oil painting upsurge is nationally. In recent years, the good times auction company adhere to the academic view to select the artist's work, the launch of the famous traditional Chinese painting paintings by the enthusiasm of investors, including interpretation upon, Zhang Yinghua, Sun Zhongyuan, Cui Changsheng painter works about double the price had to rise from a year portrait painting earlier, the overall strength of represents a new generation of oil painters.
Preview is a famous painting and calligraphy auction is held, the traditional Chinese painting part mainly by Cheng Shifa, Wu Qingxia, Zhou Huijun, Liu Wenxi, Han Min, ShiDaWei, young, Mao Guolun, YanMeiHua, Liu Yifei, Ceng Mi, establishment and QiBoWen famous works; Painting part is fine, abstract, impression, realistic all sorts of custom oil painting genres such as the variety is complete, especially the famous tsinghua academy of visiting scholar painter Shi Chong room painting friends interpretation upon professor lively atmosphere of the realistic characters works, maritime famous professor Qian Yankang oil painting reproductions landscape work, professor Zhang Yinghua has a rich ethnic style of landscape painting, art is exhibited in Paris, France winner professor muxi elegant nobility still life, and Hong Kong yunfeng of calligraphy painting to build tao, a professor at the super realistic watercolor is impressive. Impression style   

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works mainly include the tenth session of national art entrants Jin Fengshi professor, China art exposition gold medal winner Sun Zhongyuan outstanding artists in contemporary landscape series of high-quality goods of academic value.
It is reported that the auction is scheduled for July 30 at 688 nanjing road Shanghai television across the stone antique market in central hall on the second floor, and on 22 to 29 with preview items

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