New China oil painting: classic oil painting market

03/05/2013 13:56

New China oil painting: classic oil painting market

"New China fine arts classic" oil painting appreciate faster in recent years, is considered by some media and collector is a collection of investments "blue chip stocks." The sector also known as the "red classics", these works creation across the period from the founding to about 1965, the "cultural revolution" period and the late 1970 s to early 80 s decades of work reflects the characteristic of the appearance of the society at that time and mental characteristics, and heroes and leaders as the main subjects, these works generally after repeated publication, and for the art creation influence.

Important painters and important work of new China art history is a hotspot in the art market. In 2001 to 2003, the painting on the market, "new China fine arts classic" works on fewer, general is given priority to with new China engraving works, paintings are few and far between, and on the clinch a deal the price were at low levels, such as guangzhou formally launched "1940-2003 China prints the set" special performance, Cheng Mian of blood atlas - nanjing massacre series of paintings (seven) "(1984-1986) clinch a deal valence is 30800 yuan, of YanHan" complaining. Condolences. Peng dehuai "(1941-1941) clinch a deal valence is 1941 yuan. Until the fall of 2004, China's classical began in the auction market of oil painting really developed, in Chinese "Chinese painting and sculpture" auction, to YiZhongXin "chairman MAO and zhu DE commander-in-chief", JinShangYi pulpit in peace, QuanShanShi of the Chinese people - eight female cast jiang ", Yin Rongsheng "storm" and so on, form the new China's art auction unit of classics, reflect the market is, of course, is positive: "chairman MAO and zhu DE commander-in-chief" $572000 to clinch a deal, "in the peace 572000 yuan to clinch a deal, the Chinese people - eight female cast jiang" $1.705 million to clinch a deal, "the storm" clinch a deal for $462000, showing that the type of work have condensed the enough demand in the oil painting market, prices began to start.

In the spring of 2005, due to domestic buyers and European and American portrait painting countries art institutions actively involved in relevant discussions and recent domestic academia continuous roll out, this kind of red classics series oil painting market is still very active, such as the appearance of Chinese YiMinYou, in animal husbandry "to build a powerful navy with 2.75 million clinch a deal, ZhaoChiTing, Zhao Shuqin, Wang Xiaobai" march to the jinggang mountains "clinch a deal for 2.86 million yuan, with larger gains than last year, in 2004, the highest oil painting reproductions price of similar works only QuanShanShi of the Chinese people - eight female cast jiang" hit 1.705 million yuan.

Into the autumn, the auction company due to special historical significance and noticed that the plate representative artistic level, hence should be potential, on the importance of a large number of influential works, price rise has a huge improvement over the previous year. As autumn sales of Chinese Chen Yanning "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural" (1972) clinch a deal the price is 10.12 million yuan, above the estimate 300-5 million yuan, three times as many in the "red classics" series wholesale oil painting in the domestic auction record.