"Modelling - oil painting exhibition", the central academy of fine arts teachers in national art museum of central academy of fine arts

18/05/2013 14:12


"Modelling - oil painting exhibition", the central academy of fine arts teachers in national art museum of central academy of fine arts

"Modelling, the central academy of fine oil painting arts design school teachers show" in September 7, 2010, in the central academy of fine arts gallery, the exhibition organized by the central academy of fine arts, central academy of fine portrait painting arts design school, the central academy of fine arts gallery to undertake. Song Xiaoxia researcher at the central academy of fine arts as a curator, Pan Gongkai professor ren oil painting reproductions exhibits the steering committee, director of professor liu xiaodong, director of academic committee, professor Su Xinping ren, director of the organizing committee.

The fair brings together all on-the-job teachers work, design school JinShangYi, ZhanJianJun, Zhu Naizheng, Zhong Han, Du Jian, Qian Shaowu, JinZhiLin cityu invited renowned artist, wide Sun Weimin, Tan Quanshu, yuan yunsheng Sun Jingbo, army, Sun Gubo, Pan Gongkai, Tan Ping, xu, Dai Shihe 108 artists gathered, covers the plastic oil painting art direction of the doctoral supervisor and the central academy of fine arts consultant of the academic committee and the standing committee, the number more than one hundred people, the scale of the unprecedented.

Historically, the central academy of fine portrait painting arts modelling art teaching and artistic creation have always played a leading and exemplary role in the country, xu beihong, wu zuoren, Dong Xiwen, JinShangYi predecessors of the "pay close attention to reality and serve people" and "for the Chinese model" of thought and direction, influenced the art of teaching and artistic creation in the whole country. wholesale oil painting Predecessors created the "monument to the people's heroes relief", "founding ceremony" and so on work, not only has a broad social influence, and has become a classic of Chinese art history. And the constantly emerging of a new generation of masters, it shows that the central academy of fine arts modelling art career of happinesses and future development prospect, we can see today is active in teaching the first line of a new generation of masters, they also achievements in teaching research and artistic practice in the national art teaching and art concept oil painting reproductions plays a leading and exemplary role, and their works of art in the field of international art also has the very important influence.

Exhibition Pan Gongkai, director of the steering committee, says professor long history and brilliant achievements of the plastic arts, is the great achievements of human civilization, it should not be as ever to the service as a whole with the decrease of religion and the publicity function of the fade out, because the form of ontology generated in the historical evolution of independent value and potential mental space, still has indisputable in future value. Plastic art is the sublimation of traditional arts and visual language of elite construction, is a human can achieve with exquisite workmanship, keen cheap oil painting precise visual perception ability and imaginative expression ability, in the form of proof, also is the pursuit of human spirit beyond the unremitting efforts of symbol. Exhibition said Mr. Liu, director of the academic committee, hope that through this exhibition, nature simple present diversified artistic exploration, the academy of fine arts "extras" are displayed, with The Times, society, and "dialogue" of contemporary art. Curators Song Xiaoxia stressed that do this exhibition method, can be said to be the "seek truth from facts" four word. All starting from the fact, directly to the central academy of fine arts design school teachers create situation, rational understanding of contemporary cultural development under the background of globalization, in order to based on the pursuit of a simple, natural, leisurely, atmospheric style, it also can saying is the essence of the central academy of fine arts.

Exhibition organizing committee director professor Su Xinping wrote in the preface, design school teachers works exhibitions, today is the art of in order to fully show every teacher research and practice achievements, also is to show social the important measures of the central academy of fine arts modelling art power. Today, especially in the diversified development of culture, art, hosting such a large-scale exhibition, to strengthen the cohesion, artistic ideal and faith, the experimental level and height of the art thinking and undoubtedly has a positive role. We know, the plastic arts is an important symbol of a national cultural development level, position due to the central fine arts institutes, the development of plastic arts disciplines must be walking in the forefront of The Times development, and this is the era of development to the central academy of fine arts modelling discipline teachers request, also is each teacher shouldered historical mission.

"Plan in one hundred, education for this; education plans, the teachers for this; there are good teachers, just have good education." From education level, the national medium and long-term education reform and development oil painting wholesaler plan outline (2010-2020) put forward for teachers "noble ethics, business skilled, reasonable structure, full of vitality" of the requirements. As the country's top art university, central academy of fine arts in higher education field, the cultural art status and whether the faculty of business skills directly related. The college from the previous design school teachers show sixteen years later, again "parade", is the highest institution of higher learning has more than ten years, in the new national education pattern constructs, self construction full of sincerity, courage and confidence.

The exhibition a large series of academic seminars and lectures will be held at the central academy of fine arts gallery in succession, exhibition gallery in central academy of fine arts (chaoyang district of Beijing huajiadi nanjie 8) on October 7, 2010.