Investment in the oil painting the dips into the opportunity to highlight

03/05/2013 14:10

Investment in the oil painting the dips into the opportunity to highlight

Since the second half of last year's pullback, coupled with this year's stock market are miles and miles of winding and brought the calligraphy and painting market "shocks". "Assume that in two years time, there are contrast big fall; but in 20 years time, just only a little mediation, also rose steadily." Auction company of xileng printing society stress Liu Jingqing said oil paintings.

Accompanied by the spring of this year's hammer, painting and calligraphy investment towards initial flush split ends. Is one of the most obvious performance, JinDangDai clinch a deal the calligraphy and painting a downturn; While powerful typhoon due to scarce, performance is definitely a pretty; Oil painting is lost a small landing in this year. Industry in this assessment is, through half a year after having fallen, painting investment collection clear at the beginning.

Fall in the market

About the painting and calligraphy auction market, the industry is an arbitrary, from the very start the second half of last year dropped right in the face is presented a process. An auction company bear who leaked to the reporter, back after eight or nine months, of Chinese painting has about three to forty percent a drop in oil painting. "The most significant JinDangDai painting and calligraphy is local."

But another auction company insiders revealed, ancient calligraphy and painting and calligraphy and painting for this performance relative to the firm. As for the reason, he says, the ancient calligraphy and painting compared to the strong, and part of contemporary calligraphy and painting, a lot work workingman is generally some pallets.

Oil painting oil painting, a small gain on this year. "Rose by about twenty percent. But due to the painting started extensive is higher, so this is just a small part of the growth to fill the traditional Chinese painting to fall." Zhu profile between the north and the south of zhejiang auction hard people.

Seismograph art outside the Beijing market, for example, calligraphy and painting market changed painting hexagrams performance appropriately. Beijing poly from earlier this month, has just finished spring data, total 410 million yuan, the paintings of 145 million yuan, a sell-through rate is as high as 87.41%. But JinDangDai in all three games of China calligraphy and painting auction, uniform sell-through rate is only sixty percent.

Age take cycle

Oil paintings increasingly cut whistle nearly as n/med tuberculosis bacterium, painting and calligraphy auction market of hangzhou, as heating up again. However, due to the change of the market, the auction company location also has emerged a new AD. Is the most remarkable performance, xileng printing society, zhejiang hao John sale first step in the oil painting limited company, and another auction and the oil painting department, zhejiang north and south is hopeless in years ChuDu foreign intervention in jewellery.

On July 15, making the company half a year's spring sales of xileng printing society in zhejiang world trade center. "The auction over 1000 pieces of works. This is 200 pieces of painting, or valued at about $60 million." Go on the auction condensate oil painting polymerization retarder Liu Jingqing XianRong.

Then on August 10, another great shot -- - zhejiang hao John autumn auction will be in hangzhou for the hammer. Hao John BaoHongQuan told, director of the office of the auction, items will reach 1200, about one 5 are oil paintings.

In September, the civil organizations in zhejiang's fall will also debut in the early paintings of hangzhou. The bear people zhu leakage, in addition to painting, also increased a special jewelry.

Other small flood auction can also in this morning again come in. Among them, the cover of zhejiang, zhejiang international ZhongCai and zhejiang poly Xia Chun painting and calligraphy art auction will be in hangzhou.

Painting investment sphincter

After fell back through the process of rectified, calligraphy and painting market industry is the whole family as a great investment opportunity is truly right in the face of your gracious presence. "The people of the traditional Chinese painting has always been weak root for, as the economy, art investment is still not expired." Liu Jingqing revealed.

About oil painting to Thai return half the price, the industry believes that the primary reason is that big promotion by 2004, 2005, two years. "Painting and calligraphy auction have difference in some of the new car in half a year a matter is cleared, the initial step in city is better." Zhejiang hao John auction BaoHongQuan revealed performance.

Zhu Junze for painting case, add important last year nearly 200000 yuan wrist buy this painting and calligraphy, estimate this year 130000-150000 yuan can be added. "This part of work will not fall down, step in that such a low price at a disadvantage." On net income, zhu think, due to the dense capital, do not have popularity.

To the oil painting on canvas, auction companies have mostly showed optimism red guards. "From the auction company strategy under the mediation alone dugout obviously feel to it." The auction said.

Optimal consumption, in addition to value regression ingredients, also from market reshuffle. A is not willing to told the name of the auctioneer paintings of bragging, more years of small racket really ever think to suffering not profits. "Along the way, the market will gradually engrave them tide."

Appeared to Liu Jingqing, compared with the previous two years, hangzhou take sell-through rate spread presented down a little. "Follow the auction subject further potters, items, for the investment in oil painting, YuanMen market more easily." He blinks.

Investment initiatives: five o 'clock

1. Means less like Fried Fried the calligraphy and painting. Art investment process is absolutely longer, do not have a night get rich.

2. More classic taste. "As an investment, the value of art itself is the most crucial. Oil painting" hao John BaoHongQuan reflected, heaven market confession, the works of the giants of the value of permanent don't expire.

3. Don't blindly follow.

4. Save the tepid Shanghai as soon as possible. Close this oil painting and calligraphy in through a period of time to fall behind, its value has lost three or four, involved in income compared to good today. "Two oil painting three years long, short half a year, price is doomed to pick up." Zhu said the auction.

5. Save big shot as soon as possible. Ever truly, calligraphy and portrait painting auction market in traditional Chinese oil painting reproductions hand further deliquescence, and then the situation will be able man stronger, and the weak weaker. And big auction company, brand tool, its shameful degrees higher, work also more oil painting.