Increasing in recent years, modern and contemporary oil painting

01/05/2013 16:21

Increasing in recent years, modern and contemporary oil painting
many artists work has set a new record. Oil painting collectors at home position, is becoming more and more important. On September 26, 2012-28 oil painting will appear HIHEY, was assembled in China, Russia, Chinese and foreign outstanding artists such as fine paintings for a total of more than 50 pieces, total estimate more than 420000 yuan.

Compared with the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, oil painting production less appear fake chances are rare. At the same time, many middle-class people oil painting as a home decoration, collection group is given priority to with young people, with the rising purchasing power of the young group in the future, the oil painting market potential will be more tension. Since 2003, oil painting reproductions collection continues to heat up, Chinese modern oil painting prices several times, just a few short years the global attention. But since this year, the oil painting collection gradually step into the era of rational consumption, I like the past be the buyers less, instead is the right price to buy oneself to like or work with a space to grow up.

He Bin HIHEY President, according to the wholesale oil painting market momentum ratio dropped a few gentle a couple of years ago, in the next few years oil painting market will enter a fallow period, this is the good time that collectors make moves. HIHEY online art market will be held on September 26, 2012-28 oil paintings auction, carefully selected for China, Russia and other products a total of more than 50 Chinese and foreign outstanding artists, total estimate more than 420000 yuan. Today, portrait oil painting has drawn the attention of many collectors, auction many buyers believe that the current domestic oil paintings auction prices compared with other art auction price, there is greater appreciation of space.

We live in the soil was as formal state, also on other continents near a wilderness here has been beyond the era of civilization and manners, and poured out his time back in the spring and autumn period, in that TieMaJinGe era of ritual and music collapse have lovely people give their grandchildren made some moral behavior norms, and they have dominated for thousands of years we are the nation's thoughts and character, and continues today.

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