Humanity and love Li Zijian oil paintings held roadshow

05/05/2013 10:44

Humanity and love Li Zijian oil paintings held roadshow

20, from China overseas exchanges association, jointly organized by China art research institute, China artists association, the United States Li Zijian art funds to undertake ", humanity and love Li Zijian oil country tour, "held at the national museum of China in Beijing.

Lasted three years, through 23 cities across the Taiwan straits, "human nature, and love Li Zijian oil country tour," the public welfare of oil painting on the large tour finally period.

Works of the exhibition, exhibition covers Li Zijian creation "native China series" calendar year "American man series" series "and" series "red" and "letter" series, such as 12 series, a total of more than 200 paintings, and huge historical painting masterpieces "nanjing massacre", the new "descendants of the dragon" and "wenchuan Eva" series of works is the highlight of the tour team.

Li Zijian, the former because creation "nanjing massacre" giant oil painting famous at home and abroad of China's recent history famous painter, walk in the country tour course after three years, back to Beijing again, bring a large composed of more than two hundred and sixty works of art painting solo exhibition. China's national museum director lv ZhangShen, the CPPCC national committee, China academy of art director Wang Wenzhang, deputy head, vice chairman of China YinXie HaiZheng art ensemble song zuying, northeast Asia reproductions art center secretary general Zhou Huaqi portrait and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

The exhibition will last until the end of May 12.