Fun together of digital oil painting,why do you choose investment digital painting

20/06/2013 19:23


Fun together of digital oil painting,why do you choose investment digital painting

Digital era seems to have no impossible, such portrait painting as allowing children without any painting basis "copy" of western oil painting masterpiece. Digital oil painting is a kind of very fresh art toys, novelty to online sales are small. oil painting reproductions It is through a special process to painting process into line and digit symbol, the children as long as in the area marked with number, fill in the corresponding wholesale oil painting number of pigments can "draw" a master works.
Digital oil painting have cartoon characters of entry-level postcard size. Grey Wolf pleasant goat, doraemon, spider-man are favored by children handmade oil painting like, the price is less than 20 yuan. But the picture only five or six kinds of colour, less color, transition is hard, can only far view. Practice a few times can try one custom oil painting meter square large painting, rich to dozens of color,   

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 red is magenta, red, pink and so on many. oil painting Color in the process of careful tedious, but can learn color transition, the use of light, the composition and layout of the picture. Painting after the understanding of these works oil painting reproductions must be more deep impression than endorsement. All digital oil painting with paint and two brushes and canvas and frames. Largest paintings is two or three metres wholesale oil painting wide, price 200 yuan.
This is a piece of fresh just into the market, and also with the furnace temperature, is now
Few people in the cutting of big cake, is waiting handmade oil painting for you to cut, begin to taste it.
2, is very popular abroad, domestic start-ups, broad market space.
Third, choose the right industry, certain trend, seize the moment, is to make more money, to earn your success  

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A lot of money.
Four, little investment, high profit, can satisfy china oil painting your small business to make a lot of money
5, easy operation, easy to operate.
Six, digital oil painting will become one of the first home decorations.
Seven, is an extension of the plain paper paintings, posters, cross-stitch, digital painting has a long
For a long time, and stability.
Eight, digital painting, not others, but your hand work, every one
Painting is unique, can't copy.

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