Empathy digital oil painting,follow the change,modern home decoration new choice

20/06/2013 19:34


Empathy digital oil painting,follow the change,modern home decoration new choice

This world won't because your smile portrait painting show yan, don't frown, because of your frustration but the emergence of new digital oil painting is to be able to read the viewer a raised eyebrow." Anglo-American computer oil painting reproductions expert recently invented empathy interactive digital video monitor oil painting, picture can cooperate viewer's expression, a corresponding change.
Oil painting "empathy"
according to Reuters reported Wednesday by wholesale oil painting the interactive device of Boston university and Margaret bay in maria 'Turk and John crowe moss, common research and development at the university of bath.
Display can take on a variety of images, and handmade oil painting according to the viewer's facial expression changes to respond quickly and automatically change the picture color, light and shade degree and painting technique, so the digital video paintings is called "empathy" oil painting.


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on the top of the built-in software by custom oil painting installing cameras, identify eight characteristics of facial area, such as lips, eyes open degree and double eyebrow shape Angle, etc. According to these characteristics, the program can automatically calculate the viewer belongs to a kind of mood, and then adjust the picture.
Ms. Crowe moss said: "this is a real-time monitoring system, so once the viewer expression changes, works of art on display will respond immediately."
When viewers face present happy expression,oil painting picture color becomes lively and bright, gentle touch; When the viewer to make angry face, picture color immediately become dark heavy, ambiguous.
Principle of the invention
According to Ms. Crowe moss, "empathy" oil painting reproductions device consists of a display screen, a camera and a set of software programs. Viewers standing in front of the screen, camera to capture the facial eight fixed area characteristics, wholesale oil painting analysed by the software processing.
Software according to the camera collection of 8 kinds of facial features, on the row picture is marked accordingly. A coordinate axis from "1" to "1", 0 as the interface point, divided into sleepiness and awake, another is divided into happy handmade oil painting and unhappy.
Abscissa and ordinate of the portfolio will set point on the axis, and fixed point position will determine the final rendering picture. When the viewer expression changes, fixed point on the axis position also move accordingly, the images on china oil painting the screen then make minor adjustments.



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invention caught the attention of many computer experts. British university of hertfordshire a special human interactions with the computer expert said: "I think this project is very interesting, it creates a fashion painting."
Character creation
Chloe moss recently held in France attended the 4th international symposium on surrealism animation, interactive painting video monitor was introduced in detail at the meeting.
Ms. Crowe moss said, the invention is designed to simplify the digital image processing technique, make it easier for outsiders to master, in addition, the invention also created a kind of interactive art.
According to introducing, "empathy" oil painting device just a desktop computer and a camera can operate. So as long as have this set of software programs and should be according to make appropriate adjustment, personal characteristics, and everyone can create a personalized art "mood".
Ms. Crowe moss said, although at present is still in trial stage, but this kind of interactive digital oil painting may be used to test people's mood change in the future.

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