Digital oil painting paint dry how to do,use acrylic paint to clean it

24/06/2013 12:10


Digital oil painting paint dry how to do,use acrylic paint to clean it

Everyone in and the joy of the game of draw portrait painting childe digital oil painting, also will encounter all sorts of problems. For example: digital oil painting paint dry?
Below is a detailed answer the question:
A good digital oil painting, can reflect the oil painting reproductions main digital oil painting essence is paint, now on the market of digital oil painting is the main environmental protection acrylic paint on the pigment. Acrylic paint is made wholesale oil painting of a synthetic rubber emulsion (containing acrylate, methyl acrylate, acrylic acid, methylacrylic acid, as well as the thickening agent, filling agent, etc.) and color handmade oil painting particle mixture of the new paint.

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 paint appeared in the 1960 s propylene pigment also has a lot of kinds. , such as inferior smooth acrylic paint, matt acrylic paint custom oil painting and shiny acrylic paint and acrylic inferior smooth type plastic oil, glazing oil, ointment and so on.
Propylene digital oil paints containing certain moisture,cheap oil painting be sure to cover the lid on tightly when not in use at oil painting ordinary times in order to avoid moisture loss caused the paint dry. If one thousand found that some paint dry, you can drop a few drops of water in and mixing, with water and oil painting reproductions pigment completely blend together, with the best the next day, again stir before use, and then to draw oil painting, so as not to affect the picture.
In digital oil painting, we should pay wholesale oil painting attention to don't get the pigment to the body, we can at the time of painting, in painting special dresses, so that at the completion of a work, need not carefully, can handmade oil painting the stirring of the painting. But sometimes, we are not so exquisite, once the paint to get clothes, what should we do? I would now like to introduce you to clean acrylic paint
1, use turpentine to wash the dirty place, reoccupy china oil painting is washing powder to wash.
2, in the  

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absence of wet garment, drop some essential balm on the stain (or wind, toilet water, wine, etc.), later drop point up milk, then wash with detergent or soap in a moment.
3, with zinc sodium water, banana oil (or gas) after washing, then wash with soap to dry can.
Above just n in several ways, you can try some other methods, general chemical things follow the principle of similar miscibility, you can go to play themselves.

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