Digital oil painting:necessity entrepreneurs new choice,new way to make money

20/06/2013 19:28


Digital oil painting:necessity entrepreneurs new choice,new way to make money

When goods without market is to give up,portrait painting or stick? Hebei zhangjiakou university student entrepreneurs Zhang Yuan gives a good oil painting reproductions answer, in the absence of market to patiently to cultivate the market.
Zhang Yuan is on a visit to Beijing xidan wholesale oil painting market, it found that the "digital oil painting". Beauty let a person handmade oil painting enchanted paintings can make your own, as long as according to the custom oil painting drawing number, marked on the corresponding pigment daub,   

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 everyone like oil painting can be a "master". Zhang Yuan immediately got in touch with the manufacturers, with tens of thousands of yuan of money for rent, and decorate, started a business.
Through the start-up phase of cold oil painting reproductions and cheerless, Zhang Yuan repeatedly promotion paid off, three months later, she had the agent's "big western oil painting" started by the market recognition, and wholesale oil painting then, she again became paint "sun" brand of zhangjiakou area general agent. The income adds up to a month, at least there are more than 10000 yuan.
Zhang Yuan startup project selection is the handmade oil painting "new", the traditional industry, open a fast-food restaurant, xiao Chen is different, so also didn't do business under the condition of full market survey, seek new Zhang Yuan succeeded, stability of Chen failed. New project can be successful, the key is how to china oil painting cultivate the market, can let the consumer to realize their own needs. Zhang Yuan went through the initial pain, but she insisted to walk down.  

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 This inspired entrepreneur, wine afraid of deep alley, those that can cause consumers to purchase desire of project we will be able to success.

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