Development of Chinese contemporary realism oil paintings,China oil painting history

04/05/2013 11:46

Development of Chinese contemporary realism oil paintings,China oil painting history

Realism oil painting is painting the formation and development of an important part of it as an art form, originally is the European oil painting tradition, but in the one hundred years of Chinese oil painting, realistic oil painting has been occupying the mainstream, and, has a pivotal position.

But from a certain meaning, the Chinese contemporary realism oil painting art level, marks the Chinese oil painting art achievement, is also a symbol of the artist in the artistic creation purport. Many of the Chinese contemporary artists, therefore, is to "realistic painting" for the comeback, thus creating a lot of fine arts.

For a long time, however, the realistic oil painting, classical significance has been blocked in the behind the curtain of modern art, in spite of this, Chinese realistic painting is still holding the established comprehensive purport, with their favorite realistic language way, continue to pursue modeling structure and the color is perfect, and give more rich artistic expression, the pursuit of higher realm of art, to express the poets generally romantic feelings of their own...

Speaking of Chinese realistic painting history, was originally by the ai, Yang feiyun, Wang Yidong, founded the "Beijing realism painting", at that time, a total of 13 people, Chen to join later. In Chen's suggestion, in March 2005, officially changed its name to "the Chinese realistic painting", the team, and also by the original 13 people extended to 30 people. They are: ai, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong, Chen Yanning, Xu Mangyao, He Duoling, LiuKongXi, ShangDing, Yuan Zhengyang, Guo Runwen, Wang Hongjian, ChaoGe, Zhang Li, Long Liyou, Xia Xing, Li Shijin, Wang Yuqi, Xu Weixin, Zheng Yi, WengWei, XinDongWang, PangMaoKun, LengJun, YanXiong, Shi Liang, Li Guijun, Zhang Yibo, Zhu Chunlin, Wang Shaolun, and Chen (deceased), a total of 30 people.

This team, the Chinese oil painting creation of that time, really is spectacular. Throughout their work, different styles: Chen's works, in the picture the tranquility of the light, with some sadness, to convey the Chinese traditional aesthetic feeling. Both describe jiangnan, and vivid image of the woman, is incisively and vividly embody painters use western painting skills, work the Chinese traditional cultural spirit. Depicting the Tibetan landscape, figures, enjoys high reputation in the contemporary Chinese realistic oil painting and painting of ai, always use implicit technique, borrow, borrow scene as the backing, cleverly put the lonely poet generally lyrical and mysterious wonderful together, in the local realism painter group, walked out of a unique way to make his paintings have been full of vitality. And Yang Feiyun, it is with meticulous pure classical oil painting language, to show he unearthed in daily life, thus doomed him to become a representative of Chinese contemporary realism oil painting painter. Through Wang Yidong work, we enjoy in in-depth exploration and study of western classical painting, and absorbed the nutrition of traditional Chinese painting and folk art, eventually formed its own unique style of painting. His works mostly comes from the local conditions and customs of yimeng mountain area. In his works, a feeling one scene, one person one thing, come from the yimeng mountain area, the looks be like simple, concise in background, however, is rich in life and art. Chen Yanning art, has been across the culture and history, contain a permanent information of the universe. Always adhere to the national tradition of humanistic values. Today, realism has to circle to accept, and in many aspects art fans to reappear its enduring charm. His realism with a sensitive, a romantic worldview, slightly sensitive to performance. And his light and perspective of seamless processing, his striking use and composition of the imagination, and his vision for painted object verve, notice people: this is a solid combination of aesthetic, a horizon across space.

Despite China's "realistic painting" style each different, but from the initial set up of declaration and works, we can perceive that their claims are his advocating rational spirit and traditional culture, adhere to the 'source' from the oil painting language and painting the connotation of 'nature', to absorb the western oil painting essence, blend in local profound cultural connotation, and always follow with this line, after five years of wind and rain journey, and made outstanding achievements.

Now, they have become a buyer of most interest to artists and emerging markets become leader of the Chinese oil painting market. Not Chen had maintained the highest Chinese contemporary art auction clinchs a deal records, ai, Yang Feiyun, Wang Yidong and others, in a recent auction prices are stable. Art market observers commented that: their creation, represents the local art taste of Chinese oil painting market, this is from the land, and the ways of the world political and social change in the life cognition, that is, they use their works, various memory and recall of the past. From the individual to the team, "realistic painting" for the Chinese art, are very constructive.

In today's world, however, under the background of cultural diversity, all the artists suffering from old and new values and culture sight of the fierce shock, in the face of society and the development of the market, changes and demand, artists painting idea and art practice appeared the unprecedented, at a time "to mark the fifth anniversary of Chinese realistic painting retrospective", both show that shown on the exhibition of works of art style, and reveals the "Chinese realistic painting" the spirit and character ", "efforts from the cultural spirit and artistic character, to reveal the development of Chinese realistic oil painting.