Dafen oil painting collected works auction 265,each piece is the artists masterpiece

24/08/2013 13:46


Dafen oil painting collected works auction 265,each piece is the artists masterpiece
Yesterday afternoon, one high surname portrait painting buyer for the price of 350000 yuan to buy a painting, it is also a dafen breakout paintings custom oil painting auction to sell a painting of the most expensive.
This oil on canvas is a great painter, shenyang custom portrait (Hong Kong) of hubei province art fund signing painter Chen Zekun method number lama, yesterday in 265 works in all 22 of them accordingly, started at 350000 yuan. After the works wholesale oil painting on display, caused a big stir in the site, because this is yesterday's paintings auction only a painting by more than 100000 yuan. As you buyers wait-and-see held each other,handmade oil painting only sitting in the second row a buyer raised the 12 signs, high the name of the buyer without any opponent, a firefight with 350000 yuan price took away the method cheap oil painting number lama.
Gao xing4 buyers this 2 meters long, 1.5 meters high, the method number lama and not to have any interest in other works, rush before the end of the hand painted oil painting auction. The face pressed, he said instead of a friend, other all have no comment.
In 265 in this bidding work, there are 94 mark bottom cheap oil painting line no. However, there can be a good price, such as the serial number of the glorious history and the serial number 243 183 for more than year after


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 year. Ye Xiongsheng "glorious history" area is 180 * 250 cm, Lin Xiangming of the year for more than an area of 30.5 * 40.8 cm, the cloth cover an unreserved painting, after two or three competing buyers, clinch a deal finally climbed to 6800 yuan.
The auction with the artist's work, both like katyn bohai, Yang Zhijian domestic famous painter; Also have Li Jiyong, the only light, Jiang Qing north of dafen well-known painter's works; Also attracted a group of Russian painters such as tile jia ning, stowe's, vassili has and RuKeWa to join us.
From the auction yesterday afternoon 3 when start in dafen art square, lasted three hours party come to an end, all buyers and watch the people side still unfinished, has refused to disperse. (shenzhen evening news Dong Qian)

conference) tower 2, no. 3 (the net)classical painting oil painting reproductions paintings handpaintedoilpaintingreproductionsfromchinaartsupplierfa amplification, can also according to the pencil portrait drawing customer to provide oil painting personalized photo into oil painting reproductions a large oil painting oil painting "restructuring". (the yangzi you hua evening news net you hua Sun Zhongna/taken)