Crazy after need to remain calm,canvas oil painting investment beware of fire

07/10/2013 22:17


Crazy after need to remain calm,canvas oil painting investment beware of fire

As the 2006 spring of xileng printing society, the mainland's large art auction will also come to an end. Throughout this year's spring auction, oil painting is undoubtedly the most powerful, one day, the enthusiasm of the investors close to madness, but with Chinese calligraphy and painting market experience, people should also maintain a calm in the oil painting market.
Art auction in the spring, many of the original portrait painting is not the auction house auction of oil painting, have established the oil painting, like the auction house of xileng printing society brought in experts held the first oil auction, including Pan Yuliang "Africa naked woman" and "mountain" of wu guanzhong, custom oil painting respectively for the high price of 9.02 million yuan and 7.15 million yuan. But it is worth noting that, according to local media reports, in hangzhou the special performance of nearly 300 works, sell-through rate was 77.9%, the total turnover of 84.85 million yuan, but its distributing total mark of nearly 90 million yuan. Thus, even if the whole market of oil painting reproductions in the hot, the oil painting itself may also encounter take not to go out. If painting investment conformity, will fall into the trap market.
Myth: oil painting work, so valuable
For many ordinary investors, because the oil painting and ignore the Chinese painting and calligraphy,   

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an important reason is that the oil painting creation a long time, compared with the Chinese painting and calligraphy stroke of a pen, it seems more effort. But the fact is just the opposite, oil painting, although time is longer, but there still have assignments, and even the production of oil painting, and some of the traditional Chinese painting master at the time of draw works, although time is short, or a certain capability. Therefore, both in the traditional Chinese painting and oil painting are high-quality goods, but also have a project, not only by the picture.
Erroneous zone 2: the painting is not easy to fraud, investment trust
Many people think that painting is not easy to fraud, than to buy Chinese painting and calligraphy. But in fact it is a misunderstanding. A fake problem, is also very serious in the field of oil painting. Famous art critic Shi Jianbang said that while painting than counterfeiting difficult, Chinese painting and calligraphy in Chinese art were buzzing round in 1995, there have been a large number of false picture. Oil painting market hot again in recent years, under the lure of high profits rampant false picture proves again. Mr Stone warned investors, investment once encountered fake canvas of lordaeron to crop failures.
Myth 3: famous works is not easy to drop
Was able to appear so hot this year's oil painting market, with high frequency and make money effect has a lot to do now. Xu beihong, wu guanzhong, zhao mo pole, these paintings in this two years of painting and calligraphy auction has cut a swath, many investors believe that on the premise of fidelity, the famous film must be a earn not to compensate, but from abroad, the concept of investment is also a myth. In May 1990, the New York auctions, Japan saito English for $82.5 million and $78.1 million for van gogh's portrait of doctor gachet and renoir "moulin rouge street dance". In 1997 the owner wants to sell at full price has 2 picture, "the portrait of doctor gachet" offered $70 million an American collector, offered $35 million "moulin rouge street dance", the Japanese investment of nearly 60 million yuan price. In addition, Picasso's a picture of a "mirror", in 1989 for $24 million at auction in New York was, until the mid 90 s price fell to $18.2 million.
Myth 4: sauteed market hot spots have "money"
Throughout paintings auction market in recent years, we will see such as luo zhongli, Xia Junna as a representative of the third and fourth generation of oil painting become the focus of the market is becoming more and more attention. Like Xia Junna clinch a deal the top ten works are created in the last year and this year, which is the highest HanHai autumn last year, 803000 yuan transactions "DongLi fu", and in five or six years ago, at the art show Xia Junna works were priced at less than ten thousand yuan. Many paintings investors begin to pay close attention to market in the hottest young and middle-aged painter's works. It should be said that this idea is right, but also full of significant risk. Young and middle-aged painter can be accepted by the market inevitably is one of the few, if only hot hype around the market, rather than from the painting itself, can appear the situation of bedding bag is high. (source: the xinmin evening news

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