Collect these overseas Chinese and mainland old artist painting,is what person

19/10/2013 23:09


Collect these overseas Chinese and mainland old artist painting,is what person

The earliest Lin Geng: customers are Taiwanese oil paintng collector. These people are not DaoKe, 10, 20 years old artists continue to buy our recommended. To spend a lot of money to buy some overseas Chinese, the absolute stability. Because of these collectors know if open gallery must have these pictures in the future.
Bud of the art market should be constructed on the basis custom oil painting of the middle class of the pyramid. Or conversion process too fast, will be like a Japanese art binge in the 80 s. Art is the privilege of intellectuals, intellectual products and the idea of humanistic value to identity, rather than just price. If the price up cause problems first.
We were very lucky gallery, accumulated a group of custom portrait painting entrepreneurs that has grade and capitalists. Even in their second generation according to their own taste and collection.
After the

auction market in Hong Kong, Taiwan, for us to develop a regional platform, now there are a lot of Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the domestic collectors become our supporters

Lee strong PangMaoKun Shao Changyi wei jia Zhang oil painting Jikai Sun Guojuan dong zhong Dai Guangyu zhao nengzhi oil painting guo we



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