Chongqing old painter oil painting next week in Beijing filming a historical precedent

24/08/2013 14:00


Chongqing old painter oil painting next week in Beijing filming a historical precedent
Zhang Fangzhen: "the serfs stood up" the work of a group of artists will collective appearance, appraisal 380000 women on dadu river,portrait painting experts say the old painter works has become a hot spot
Yesterday, reporters learned from a variety custom oil painting of channels, poly company in Beijing on June 4 paintings auction, sichuan academy of fine arts of the work of a group of old painter will collective appearance. Zhang custom portrait Fangzhen of serfs stood up, valuation for the 20-250000 yuan, and Xia Peiyao women on dadu river, valuation of 35-380000 yuan. Experts say, the old painter works have been to the market, wholesale oil painting is a new tendency of the oil painting market in recent years.
Old painter capability is extraordinary
Chongqing university professor wu should ride handmade oil painting tells a reporter, in the hot oil painting market in recent years, luo zhongli, zhang xiaogang, PangMaoKun, rice, Guo Jin, Chen Shuzhong, Zhao Qing, Chen Anjian, Chen Kezhi cheap oil painting people has become the object of the investors, at present a lot portrait from photo of the painter had to "not available". However, this batch of popular figures of the teachers work, both in the hand painted oil painting artistic quality, academic quality, or on market performance, also portrait has a notable value.
Professor wu said that in the senior figures, LiuYiSi with its profound realistic capability YouHuaJie, he's   

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still lifes with French classical painting style, the beauty of a serene and heavy. He work for a long time in chongqing art education front, for chongqing's oil painting development laid a solid foundation. In addition, has worked with xu beihong Ye Zhengchang, his works have the strong reading atmosphere, with the 1930 s unique cultural connotation.
Behind the pillar character LiuGuoShu, Wei Chuanyi work, is also a classic oil paintings from the 1960 s. And LiuGuoShu, local communist party secretary, whether the depict of the character or ability on the image, have left a profound influence on the painting. Wei Chuanyi is an expert in the former Soviet union maxi merv "oil painting training class", the only sichuan painter, its performance ability are well received by the maxi muff.
In addition, the oil painting masters borba Xia Peiyao or Romania house disciple of his work "you live in our hearts forever", is a history to be sure it works. Have his further study in the China central academy Zhang Fangzhen, his works "northern herd" by a famous art critic spoke highly of China. Ta-tong wang "after a storm comes a calm", his works in addition to have solid realistic capability, reveal a strong modern style. Deng Shaoyi "we saw chairman MAO", GuYue "station", is the work of the red classics from the cultural revolution, has high value for collection. And Ma Yiping works of "good morning" and so on, had been a famous art critic Wang Chaowen spoke highly of.
In recent years has become a hot market
It is reported, the average age of this batch of old painter of chongqing has more than 65 years old. In this batch of old painter works auction information, chongqing Tang Yulian told reporters at the national institutes of fine arts, their works have become hot issues in recent years.
Tang Yulian said that as early as 10 years ago, Hong Kong as a Christie's auction of Ye Zhengchang girl wearing headscarves, "drink Ma Qiu original price 39000 yuan and 67000 yuan respectively.
From 1994 to now, LiuGuoShu 17 painting in the domestic well-known auction up and shoot. In 1994, its "flute" and "village head" in 1995, in China the clinch a deal valence is 31000 yuan and 13000 yuan respectively. In ten years later, LiuGuoShu work out market in July last year, "gun boy", "bottle of flower" in Shanghai, poly auction price of 33000 yuan and 60500 yuan respectively. In the following a few auction, LiuGuoShu works significantly higher prices. Shanghai poly auction in December last year, "jiuzhaigou" appraisal 6 ~ 80000 yuan, clinch a deal valence is 132000 yuan. In April this year, LiuGuoShu 1979 "girl", appraisal of 15 ~ 200000 yuan, clinch a deal valence is 154000 yuan.

Old painter Zhang Fangzhen works into the market in 2003, when the northern herd on the film of the Shanghai sold 14000 yuan. Last may, Zhang Fangzhen 1975 'steel hero "auction for $88000, 1991" the plateau steed "clinch a deal valence is 154000 yuan. Earlier this year, chung source auction in Shanghai, Zhang Fangzhen 1984 "family" also clinchs a deal with 68000 yuan.

Ta-tong wang's "shallow" in 2004 to enter the market, the price is 19800 yuan. But in jiangsu jia heng auction this year, his "after a storm comes a calm appraisal 50 ~ 800000 yuan, clinch a deal valence is as high as 781000 yuan.
Last year in RongBao auction, Ma Yiping 1977 "unforgettable journey" appraisal 25 ~ 300000 yuan, clinch a deal finally with 275000 yuan.
Analysts believe that despite the old painter's works are entering the market, but there is also a breeding process, the auction companies to participate in more. In addition, some old painter, with red or still life, landscape, etc., and for the younger generation of collection investors can accept its oil painting language, remains to be the market inspection. (chongqing morning post)

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