Chengdu oil painting home three only to see the world,different perspective

06/08/2013 21:28


Chengdu oil painting home three only to see the world,different perspective
In order to more fully show the Chinese contemporary oil painting academic achievements, and purposeful, systematic collection of Chinese portrait painting contemporary oil painting, we decided to choose a few artistic hub in China, combined different art theme, shard contemporary oil painting exhibition. While living in chengdu oil painting reproductions is the beginning of the implementation of the plan. Since the mid - 1990 - s, Beijing, yunnan, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu and other places, the successive rise one after another has a fairly comprehensive quality art community. Both in China's geographic wholesale oil painting location, chengdu southwest corner, coupled with comprehensive factors such as history, climate, and has formed unique regional culture. Under the background in the era of globalization, chengdu painting group with "three eyes see the world" : the first custom oil painting one to see traditional arts, second only to see popular culture, and a third to see western contemporary art, then fused together the three factors, thus to find their own artistic rhetoric way. They take root in local, completely beyond the traditional handmade oil painting east/west, traditional/modern this framework "dualism", truly the blend of Chinese and western, eclectic, they are modified in chengdu area, on the basis of pastoral culture well created and traditional agricultural civilization, the contemporary western civilization has a significant difference between the new urban culture. Their work is in line with international standards, and retaining the characteristics of local culture, at the same time, also with the bright time feeling. Chengdu number comprehensive strength, and each has its distinct personality, they may not be a painting, but three of the different age groups of echelon formation, with a group attitude cause the attention of the world. Chengdu painting group's strength, justifiably world class. (chengdu daily)

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