Chen Jianjiang: theory of contemporary lingnan painting

04/05/2013 11:45

Chen Jianjiang: theory of contemporary lingnan painting

Today very honored to attend this event. I have been very concerned about the guangdong art. Focus on art, I don't feel I can focus only on the level of art, also need to have a global perspective. Today the whole of China, all kinds of historical and cultural resources into limelight, regional value of intangible assets and great development. "Lingnan painting" the history of the resources and mining, promoting the value of history, this is the top priority.

And research "lingnan painting" can't talk about oil painting oil painting, to "lingnan painting" in the context of culture in general, the macro-level to research her. ? So should see the whole international situation, in recent years, western countries said China "threat", they are afraid of what, we are not afraid of our military power, is not afraid of our economy, they are afraid of us, and said China was "Huang Huolun", they are more afraid of a vision overseas Chinese, and overseas lingnan painter is the threat to people, they are my lover, so I need platform integrating overseas artists, so we "lingnan painting" to go out, this is the first point. And overseas space is broad, profound "lingnan painting" the development of resources.

Second, now so much foreign capital, the consortium, the enterprise into China, that means what, that Chinese art in the domestic market, while we Chinese village folks, familiar with local conditions and customs, why don't we vigorously mining domestic demand. So we "lingnan painting" development space to develop the height and depth, height is going out. Depth of domestic demand is a mining, make oil painting into the line of sight. Specific height go out how to operate? I suggest to hold "overseas Chinese lingnan painting exhibition", "lingnan international oil painting exhibition", "international BBS of lingnan painting", "lingnan painting exhibition", set up "the lingnan oil painting memorial", of course, also do not always get ready, but need to have a clear goal, with limited resources to do planning well, at least to have this consciousness.

"Lingnan painting" is the future development plans, height to go, you go to ocean era, at the very least propaganda force to go global, allowing international concern us, our consumption. The second point is the depth of lingnan painting to go, want to walk into the crowd, nationwide to do art, cities and counties around the "lingnan painting" has rich resources, we need to dig, such as kaiping art gallery with many early lingnan painter's works, so around the "lingnan painting" the resource is very rich, with domestic demand development. Development of lingnan painting ", "do not always get, but at least should have correct development concept to guide, want to use limited resources to do planning oil painting reproductions well. In addition, the development of the lingnan painting "toward the ocean era is a big plan, what to put into it! Revenue is to be used for promoting development, want to consider "the lingnan painting" brand of industrial development. Through these projects, expand the influence, make the "lingnan painting" the influence of radiation. "Lingnan painting" resource planning is very huge, this is my some advice, hope to get you correct me.