Bedroom - restaurant - sitting room should choose to hang what oil painting?

03/05/2013 14:21

Bedroom - restaurant - sitting room should choose to hang what oil painting?

Now society, the east Asian painting pop up a speech about how to define the middle person happy life: in the bedroom. Restaurant. Hang up the sitting room atmosphere foil painting how to would like some out? Instead, the empty suddenly acquired a new painting on the wall can let a person more see more good look. If the bedroom, dining room. The sitting room is not high, but the area is enough big, can also be one of the side wall into a painting, but the colour is not too strong, even becomes a standard of living standards. Can according to master what specification would you like choose suitable...

A. the bedroom

The bedroom is a hotbed of wonderful dreams, fantasy, illusion is connected to real life and fantasy of the catalyst. Because the bedroom is master private domain, so don't need to stick on oil painting of the selected topic, the only purpose is to create a comfortable and easy and comfortable, warm and romantic atmosphere. If you do not have a specific idea, I recommend to you the body and warm adornment theme characters, classic or classical partial impression class style. The bedroom is the best location is the head of a bed hangs a picture, CheFu choose 90 cm x 120 cm, with particular emphasis on make sure to use double nail suspension to ensure safety. Draw cultured bedroom is the overall coordination and local background and, through the visual contrast to highlight the adornment effect.

B. a restaurant

In a restaurant with a relaxed and lively, quietly elegant is downy painting, will bring you pleasant dining mood. Both solid wood dining table and texture hale and hearty and modern transparent glass table is tie-in, can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, appetite is big. Restaurant with picture, size control in 50 cm * 60 cm more suitable. Classical still life like a fruit platter, decorative flower vessels is the orthodox choice; Also can choose according to individual hobby, such as red wine, etc.; Blue sky, castle peak green water, such as realism landscape also can yet be regarded as the city fast rhythm are the personality choice. Picking restaurants when draw attention should be paid to the following: color fresh, soft screen is clean and neat, brush strokes to exquisite lifelike. Specifically, when a dining-room and sitting room are interlinked, it is best to coordinate with sitting room draw phase coherence.

C. the sitting room

Sitting room as a main activity place, household is the most conspicuous place, in every family, communication, and responsible for the contact inside and outside the mission of the two sides. The painting hanging in the sitting room, its subject matter, color, style and match boxes, answer to be united with hall of furniture and decoration. Sitting room advocate the wall is usually placed a big CheFu works with strong visual impact effect, size control in 80 cm x 150 cm is suitable. On the whole space have the effect of interpretation and sublimation. The higher art level, the deeper cultural connotation, the more can reveal the connotation of master grade.

If it is a classic style restoring ancient ways, in particular, the classical landscape painting teaching material is the best choice. Heavy and complicated composition, beautiful scenes and long culture, implicitly divergent luxury family atmosphere at the same time, can greatly enhance the overall decoration effect.

If is neutral partial conservative style, classical or realistic scenery is the best choice. When selected, in addition to the main tonal, space level and precision of drawing "hardware", the scene in the portrait painting color itself also nots allow to ignore, because works the connotation and soul is given by it. If it is contemporary and contracted style, is a half original classical oil painting partial image style of work is the best choice. The half original said here that is slightly more for decoration purposes with masters shadow work, mainly from the decorative effect and price point of view, because we need most is decorate household decorations rather than investment appreciation of works of art and the painting work under similar conditions, such as composition CheFu, half the price of the original work is one over ten of the original work, the price advantage is obvious. Classical partial advantages of impression style, is full of modern feeling and highlight the grade at the same time, and can effectively avoid too high, and is suitable for families with old man child. Because of the classical landscape works have a higher level of appreciation, so hanging in the sitting room is good. Currently on the market has a variety of styles of oil painting, high-grade. Classical landscape painting, flower paintings, Mediterranean garden. High-grade animal. High-grade characters. Modern decorative paintings, etc., can choose according to his be fond of. Thank you very much!