Auction display canvas into shaoxing oil painting collectors to be bestowed favor on newly

06/08/2013 21:22


Auction display canvas into shaoxing oil painting collectors to be bestowed favor on newly
The shaoxing's oil painting market presents the portrait painting unprecedented lively, the sunset the hammer the 3 2004 contemporary famous calligraphy and painting auction, and take all of the nearly 50 canvases clinchs a deal with more oil painting reproductions than opening bid, three of them broke through ten thousand yuan, the highest 12500 yuan. In painting and calligraphy auction, more than 50 collectors auction 238 painting and calligraphy. Highlights to launch a batch of repeatedly won the gold medal in wholesale oil painting the international major exhibition of works and be master of national art museum, art academies at home and abroad the dean and professor of academy of fine, one batch of China's third generation of outstanding painter painting is more interesting. According custom oil panting to understand, and take the price of oil painting was broken again and again, bow are two works "the male jun in the forest" and "snow king" clinch a deal with the price of more than ten thousand yuan, the GeShuQing reed crane autumn also exceeded 10000 yuan. There is handmade oil painting a market that shaoxing appeared collection of oil paintings are so strong, it has to do with cultivation of market in recent years is inseparable. , of course, those who have a choice, there is energy collectors, these are vividly reflected in the painting and calligraphy auction held yesterday. John is responsible for the sale of Shanghai bo trading co., LTD., deputy general manager of Zou Zhenfei tells a reporter, not long ago, they held a sale in shaoxing, at that time, the participation of more than 30 oil painting works, from the whole auction, shaoxing oil painting collection of the market potential is very huge. The personage inside course of study thinks, the auction from another side, reflects the modern oil painting collection project other than the traditional collection project, has been more collectors. Every day (business)

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father Mr Xu beihong's 1935, oil paintings but has not,that oil painting reproductions is to be a friend to the father oilpaintingwholesalefromchin oil painting you hua , B ,you hua ,had to oil paintings redraw a picture again, later named" the moon "." Source: the art newspaper.